Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide, Tips, Cheats,Tricks

Get Best Guide for Zombieland Double Tapper game. In this article, You will get Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide, tips and tricks and also a few cheats to crack missions.

If you are looking for Zombies Based game then Zombieland Double tapper is a brand new game for you.  I am playing this game for three days. It is an amazing game. Especially, players who loved Zombiebased game. But there are few tips which help you to clear mission faster and by playing a lesser game.

Game is giving many cool features such as the body systems, double-tap, seat belts, shoot first, etc. These all help you to get more money and a clear mission easier.


The basic of the game is based on tapping on your mobile screen. As you tap more, you will able to kill more upcoming zombies towards you.

There are so many different places are in the game. Such as Augusta, Philadelphia, Raleigh, etc. You have the need to clear all these places by doing completing all mission inside of its.

But as you spend more time on the game, You will be getting bored with the game. This is my personal experience for the game. But still, you can clear the mission in the game.

Frankly, I recommend you to start any area to crack at the beginner. Just play a few minutes and close your game. After a few minutes, again come in the game and collect all your offline rewards – money. Use this mission to upgrade your hero’s skill. Keep in mind, never focus on upgrade any specific skill. Try to upgrade different skill. This thing helps you with a lot of later games.

Also, Always remember that never focus on upgrading a particular hero. If you have four heroes in your squad, then try to maintain all hero’s levels similar. Because this is one simple strategy that I personally use. This thing helps you to maintain the killing ratio and clear mission faster. So maintaining the hero level equally is a more important thing.

Heroes List

You will get many heroes in the Zombieland Double Tapper. Below the list of heroes that are currently available in the game.

DMG Heroes

  • Omasha
  • Houston
  • Flushing
  • Nevada
  • Flagstaff
  • Atlanta
  • Columbus

Tank Heroes

  • Billings
  • Phoenix
  • Tallahassee
  • Albuquerque
  • Vegas
  • Medford

Support Heroes

  • Helena
  • Wichita
  • Charlotte
  • Little Rock
  • Madison
  • Berkeley
  • Springfield

Team Selection Guide

Once, You have finished any stage than before entering in new stage or place, The game allows you to choose a new team member for the new mission. Now, while selecting any new heroes for your team, keep in mind always choose different types of heroes from different types such as DPS, Tank, and support. Choose each hero from each type.

This is because each type helps you in the game. If you go with any particular hero then a chance of clear mission will decrease. So always try a mixer of heroes while selecting new team heroes. Keep in mind that each hero has a different power and support different health. So always check hero stat before choose him.

Also, make sure you well known about heroes’ skills. Because once you enter in a new mission, you can not change your team.

Summon Guide

By tap on Summon, you will get a Summon screen on your mobile. From the Summon option, you can recruit new heroes for your team. Keep in mind that to recruit a new hero, You have to need to spend a few tickets. You will get these tickets from playing more games and clearing missions and get rewards.

Rules Guide

There are many rules in the game. The rules help you to increase your heroes’ abilities and average power in the game. So I recomme you to while playing game, Also focus on Rules Upgrading. you can also find new rules from there. By tapping on new rules, You will get new rules.

Zombieland: Double Tapper Tips

Collect All Rewards Regularly

Rewards are a major part of this game. Because if you miss rewards then you will be lost many more. Also, Each reward helps you to upgrade your weapon level. So never miss your rewards.

Upgrade Your Zombieland Rules

There are many rules in the Zombieland Double Tapper game. Such as Cardio rules which increase the health of heroes. The Skillet rule which helps you to decrease power weapon cooldown time.Power nap rule which helps you to decrease hero revive time. Sprinkle Gunpowder rule helps you increase the damage of primary weapons.

So this is little thing but all effect on your overall mission progress. So I strongly recommend you to keep the focus on Rules.

Connect Your Account with Cloud

The game supports Facebook Cloud. Which helps you to save your daily game and mission on the cloud server. This is important because in case, you will delete the game and after a few days when you come back again in the game – You will not need to play the game from starting. You could continue with last once. To connect with the cloud and save your game.

Play less and Collect More Offline Progress Money

As you increase the level in the game, you will get bored with the game. But if you want to keep playing the game, I suggest that be smart. Because you can keep level up by doing this amazing thing which I use currently this.

Zombieland Double Tapper Guide

I think, focus on keep playing the game is one bad thing. Because game supports offline progress. When you go offline then your game continues going on and your team continually killing upcoming zombies. The main differnt thing that you can not tap on the screen and get more rewards while offline. But you will be getting offline rewards which are amazing. When I come back and get these rewards, I use these rewards on heroes to upgrade and make my hero stronger.

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