Zero City Game Guide & Tips

If you are looking to playing Zombie based game for your mobile,then Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival Game  is one perfect newly arrive game for you.The game is based on killing zombie and survival. Also you need to build your home in the game.So this is one all rounder game for me.The game is developed by BEINGAME LIMITED .

The game is very amazing and this is one online based game.The game is also giving story.So if you are looking for story based game then this is also one best for you.So Action,Surviving and story – You will all find in this single game.

Now,We are giving basic guide for Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival  game.And also giving best tips and tricks which helping you progress in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival  game.

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Guide

So there are many rooms at front of you,when you just started the game.Such as Print Shop,Dinning Hall,Command Center etc.You can unlock new rooms by upgrade Command Center.


zero city gude

How To Attack on Zombie?

If you want to go for attack on zombies then you need to simple click on Map>Choose maps from one Map and go for attack.

So this is very simple.In every attack,you army is consume some foods for attacking.So it is depend on how many person in your barrack.More persons are consume more foods.But from every attacks,you will get amazing rewards.

In these rewards,it maybe cash,food or cryptopoint points.It is depend on your lucks.You can also get Lucky box after attacking.In from it,you will get some food,cash and many things.These all are helping you to upgrading new items and other useful attack.

How to Upgrade Room?

Upgrade rooms is very important things for every players in Zero City game.Because each up gradation giving you more benefit and more space for specific task.

To upgrade room,you need to just press on any room and click on upgrade button.Each upgrade take some cash from you to upgrade room.So you need to consume your cash for each upgrade.Every upgrade take some to do it.So it is depend on type of upgrade and level of upgrade. As you upgrade more level of room,it will take more times to do it.

How to Add New warrior in Barrack?

This is new common and very frequently ask question from players.How to add new member or warrior in my barrack?

So here is solution of your problem.In each barracks,it is limited space for squad members.If you need to add more squad member in your barrack then you need to upgrade your barrack.And every room need some of cash for upgrade.

How To Unlock Gym?

After progress in Zero City game,you need to add more warrior in game.But after adding warrior,One problem will rise.Whenever you going to equip new weapon to your new warrior,you could not equip new weapons such as guns.Because Game will say that You can’t Equip.

“Requirement 1 : .”

So this problem is facing by many players in game.So to solve this problems,You need to unlock gym room from market.So do this Go to Market options which you will find at Right button side of your phone and Choose Gym Room and unlock it with 1000 cash.

How To Unlock Alliance in Game?

Whenever you will try to join new Alliance in Zero City game,You will face such problem ” You need to build an alliance hall to join an Alliance” .So you need to first build your alliance hall to do this.Just go to market > Support and choose Alliance Hall.It will take 100 Cash for unlock.After 10 min of work,it will unlock .And then you will able to join alliance.


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Tips

Equip  Best Weapon to Squad

As you progress in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival game,you need to increasing your squad power in the game.So the best way of increasing squad power it that equip right and best weapon to each squad member.To do this thing,you nee to click on your squad member which in barrack and choose weapon which giving high damage to enemy and press Equip button.

So your warrior will take that weapon.So this is very important to your warrior have best weapons all time.

Equip Best Armor To Squad

As weapon,you need to provide armor to squad. When you recruitment new member in your squad,person come with basic cloth and it is not good and strong. So you need to provide high strong armor to each new member.

To do this thing,You need to press on warrior and choose armor which have high capacity  and health power.You can compare with other armor,Be sure,your selected armor have more capacity and health power.

Regular Upgrade Rooms

If you regularly upgrade all rooms then you will get more benefit of rooms.Such as room space,room power and rooms capacity. So always try to first your room is at max level.

Upgrade Warrior in Gym

You can upgrade your warrior in gym.This because after upgrading warrior,overall power of warrior is increasing and also warrior get new capacity of equipment and other power.

Collect All Rewards

Always Collect your reward after attacking.From each rewards you will get some cash,foods and cryptocurrency .

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