Zenonzard Reroll Guide

Zenonzard Reroll Guide & Reroll tier List

Zenonzard is one card-based game. In which you have a need to play with cards. Check out how to do reroll in the Zenonzard to get the best legend card in the game.

Zenonzard Reroll Guide

Rerolling in the Zenonzard is very simple to compare with other games. At the starting of the game, the game is giving 10 pull chances to get the best cards at starting of the game. You have just need to draw 10 pull to get the best cards.

While drawing cards, there is a probability to get different cards such as Legends card, Common card, epic cards, and rare cards as well. Once, you start drawing the card, your reroll will automatically start. There are not any gems spending to rule to get reroll or drawing cards.

Zenonzard Reroll

To complete your 10 drawings and check out at end of drawing that either you got any good legend card or not. If you get the best cards, then you can continue with it. However, you can go to setting>App> Zenonzard>Clear data and restart the game from starting. And if you are lucky, then you will get your best cards as well.

Reroll tier List

While rerolling, your main aim is only on Legend cards. If you will get higher legend cards, then you can continue with it. But in case, you are not satisfied with your received cards, then you can start again rerolling to get the best cards.


Below list of best Legends cards available in the Zenonzard game.

  • Flare Zaura – Red card
  • Emeli- Redcard
  • Acemy – Yellow card
  • Ziren – Yellow card
  • Mou – Yellow card
  • Schniden – Light card
  • Sarah – Light Card
  • Two-Horned Treewalker -Green card
  • Sylvie -Green card
  • Yahmy -Purple card
  • Orka- Blue card
  • Lahrs – Colorless Card
  • Rita- Colorless card

So this just Zenonzard Reroll Guide & Reroll tier List.

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