Xross Chronicle Tier List: Best Characters List

Are you looking for Xross Chronicle Tier List? Check out the updated tier list of Xross Chronicle with amazing information on each one character of this game.

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Xross Chronicle Tier Lis

Xross Chronicle Tier List

SS Best Heroes Tier list

Below the list of best heroes tier list in the Xross Chronicle.

  • Blue Dragon
  • Phoenix
  • Phar
  • Snow Mermaid
  • Seoi
  • Myeongi
  • Overlord
  • Kangsi
SS Best Heroes Tier list
Blue Dragon Defense type unit, provoke 2 enemies, improve self block rate and block DMG Reduction, fall 4 enemies, pull enemies closer
Phoenix Attack type unit, AoE Attack, Falls 3 enemies, Summon 1 Doppelganger. increase everyone attack, revive with 40% STR/AGL 
Phar Support type unit, heal everyone + shield, decrease mag res of enemies, breakdown enemies, more heals in his passive, reduce CD of ally’s main skill
Snow mermaid Control type unit Can freeze a lot, AoE Skill, 100% chance to freeze Invincible enemies, allow allies to freeze enemies.
Seoi Attack type unit, push and stun 3 enemies, AoE Attack that falls enemies, boost self crit DMG by 60%, immune to spiritualize, reduce skill CD when ally Die
Myeongi Support type unit, Ressurection buff to allies, dispel all enemy buffs, boost DMG against the frozen unit, good heal in her passive
Overlord Attack type unit cut 50% HP of enemies, a decrease of attack of 3 enemies, deathblow deal more DMG against enemy with HP<30%
Kangsi Attack type unit, Stuns 3 enemies, blast DMG on enemies if HP<30%, Improve attack upon on Dodge/block

S Heroes Tier List

Below the list of S tier lists in the Xross Chronicle.

  • Naotora
  • Inugami
  • Khun
  • Ketua
  • Black Wings
  • Kraus
  • Skadi
  • Anubis
  • Dongi
  • Dracula
SS Best Heroes Tier list
Naotora Attacker type unit, Additional DMG to low HP Enemies(HP<50%), Can counter with her main skill 1
Inugami Attacker type unit can float 4 enemies, increase his crit hit rate + attack frequency, reduce CD of main skills, 30% chance to deal add DMG 
Khun Control type unit boosts the attack of allies, Can inflict frenzy on enemies, 100% attack frequency boost, heal everyone, reduce the main skill CD of allies
Ketua Defense type unit, AoE attack skills, Bind & reduce attack frequency, boost Def and Mag Res. of allies, Improve HP recovery effect, negates continuous DMGs.
Black Wings Attack type unit, AoE attack skills, Self Immunity + self-heal frequency, Can mutate invincible enemies, mutate enemies attack heal, decrease def + mag Res.
Kraus Attacker type unit, Falls enemies, Sacrifices 10% current HP for Crit hit rate boost + Add dmg, If his HP<50 More attack boost. 
Skadi Attacker type unit, fall an enemy, increase own attack + attack frequency, decrease enemy’s defense if her HP<20% then get invincible and extra attack boost
Anubis Attacker type unit, Flots 4 enemies, Add dmg to Flots/fall enemies, bind 3 enemies, invincibility.
Dongi Attacker type unit, pull ranged enemy closed + decrease his/her defense, AoE main skill + passive
Dracula Defense type unit, provoke 2 enemies, lifesteal + skill shield, HP. Conversion on allies, If HP<15%, gets invincible.

A Heroes Tier List

Below the list of A tier lists in the Xross Chronicle.

  • Poreuma
  • Siesta
  • Mina
  • Sacromons 1
  • Kirch
  • Momo
  • Moohu
  • Ganglim
  • Joker
  • Death Knight
  • Erraus
  • Gumiho
A Heroes Tier List
Poreuma Defense type unit, Mummy effect, Can float/ spiritualize enemy, Self revive + Heal + def boost
Siesta  Support Unit, AoE Clearance(remove debuff), increase allies resistance, increase major stats of allies, self dodge stats increase, heal or crit rate boost allies
Mina Attack type unit, the silence up to 4 enemies, boost allies’ attack + accuracy, Mini AoE attack with push, continuous DMG
Sacromons Attack type unit, AoE attack skills, Can cause terror, good counter for intelligent type enemies, decrease attack of INT enemies. 
Kirch Control type unit &  inflicts plagues, Decrease fusion rate of enemies, Steals major stats from fused enemies and apply to allies
Momo Support type unit, Dispells buff from enemies, heal everyone +skill shield, make enemy unhealable, increase Allies max HP + recovery amount
Moohu  Control type unit, AoE Bind+ breakdown, Decrease major stats of enemies and improve her own, return mind control cast on allies back to the opponent. 
Ganglim  Attack type unit, AoE Attack, instant kill if enemy HP<15, Can spiritualize/soul mark, main skill 1 CD reset if attacking spiritualize enemy
Joker Control type unit, AoE Attack, silence 2 enemy, reduce CD of all skills, Copy buff of highest INT enemy, Increase MAG Pen + DMG
Death Knight  Defense type unit, Reduce DMG 50% on all allies, provoke, increase self-power, can auto revive
Erraus Attack type unit, stun enemies, boost self-attack frequency + ATK, can terrorize, can reduce dodge by 100% for enemies with dodge effect
Gumiho  control type unit can inflict bewitch, has AoE attack skills, improve her dodge stats, cast foxfire, high base def stats.

B Heroes Tier List

Below the list of B tier lists in the Xross Chronicle.

  • Kotone
  •  Julian
  • Marionette
  • Frankenstein
B Heroes Tier List
Kotone  High base Atk/Def stats, increase dodge(Self), can cast breakdown, can improve self crit rate 
Julian  AoE Attack, Increase crit rate, additional DMG to the enemy with shield HP Buff,  Can inflict a dual mark
Marionette  Control type unit, AoE Stun, Additional dmg to the stunned enemy, Can return 50% DMG taken, Can float enemy
Frankenstein  Attack type unit, Silence enemy, HP barrier to self, increase own attack frequency,  increase own attack stats,50% chance to counter!

C Heroes Tier List

Below the list of C tier lists in the Xross Chronicle.

  • Nang Nak
C Heroes Tier List
Nang Nak Bind, Terrorize, Increase mag res. to allies, decrease mag res. to enemies 
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