World War Doh guide

World War Doh: Ultimate Guide, Strategies & Tips

World War Doh: Real-time PvP is a brand new Strategy based game. In this article, you will get the best guide and my own Strategies for World War Doh game with the best tips.

The game is based on turn-based real-time PvP. It means you have to need to fight against realtime enemies across the world. If you have played Clash Royale, then you will find many similar things in both games.

However, The game offers amazing new background music and cartoon animation. These two new things are my personal favorite in the game.

World War Doh: Ultimate Guide & Tips

Understand Your Card & Choose the right one

Basically, world war doh is one card-based game. There is a hero of cards and spells of cards. Everything that you have to need to fight against the enemy is a form of cards.

So while battling with the enemy, you must have enough stuff of each and every card and work of every card.

Such as there are few spell cards. Keep in mind that spell cards such as poison work only on troops such as commander. In case, you drop your poison spell on any enemy building then your total mana lost.

So, I strongly recommend you to know your cards first then choose the proper one and use it’s in the realtime battle.

Make your Powerful deck of cards

It is true that you can edit your own decks. You can make your own up to five decks as you can see in the below image.

World War Doh guide
Make your Powerful deck of cards

To make a change in your deck, just go to the deck menu by sliding your screen. Then choose the card that you have to need to replace with any other card. Press on the “use” button and then replace the unnecessary cards that you have.

Upgrade only the card that you will be required in the future

There are many cards in the game. But it may be some are useless for you. Never upgrade cards that are useless for you. Because upgrading of cards needs golds coins.

Just store your gold coins and use them when you need to upgrade your major deck cards. 

Protest your commander from enemies attack

The main thing of World War Doh game is protecting your main commander from enemy attacks. Similarly, Your main goal is to knockdown or finish opponent commanders as well.

In any match, you will be lost your commander then your enemy directly gets the victory.

World War Doh guide
Protest your commander from enemies attack

In addition, never forget to use the heal and boosting of your commander. Once you’re used to it, you need to wait the next 60 seconds to use these two again.

The spell can be used in anywhere in the map

There are few spells units in the World War Doh game. As you know that you have limited space to drop your units on the whole map.

However, you can drop spell units anywhere on the map. Also, you can drop these units directly on your enemy’s building.

Such as, if you can drop freeze spell direct on enemy’s building and can freeze building for the next few seconds.

Join any powerful club

The club is one similar thing as guild. You can join or create your own club also.

World War Doh guide

There are a few benefits of this club. Such as you can request new cards and donate your cards to your club members, chat with your club members and many more.

Focus on chests unlocking

The chests are one supreme source of your cards and golds with gems in the game.

World War Doh guide

As you unlock more chests, you will get more coins and cards. These gold and cards help you in upgrading your cards. So,I recommend you to focus on chests.


Start unlocking 15 min chest while you are online

This is my personal Strategy. There are different types of chest boxes that need a different time to unlock them.

I recommend you to whenever you getting online, start unlocking of 15 min chest. Because most of the players spend at least 15 minutes while they getting online in the game.

The main advantage of this is that whenever you are going offline, you will get your awaited chest and can unlock it and get rewards.

Also, keep in mind that never miss starting unlocking of 3-hour chest before going offline.

Join powerful club

If you are new players, then try to join a powerful club. There are many clubs. But focus on finding active clubs.

Because if your club is with active players then the request of your card never will be fulfilled. So joining a powerful club is the second Strategy from my side.

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