World of Dragon Nest Review: Is the best MMORPG of 2020?

Ending the fans’ waiting Dragon Nest Breakers is here with the launch of games like World of Dragon Nest, another popular MMORPG game from the PC platform that has been developed into a new version to be played on mobile phones. Of course, this mobile phone has changed a lot of the Dragon Nest series. Including now the game is officially open for service as well So let’s review a bit about what the World of Dragon Nest has. What is the difference with PC? Let’s see.

World of Dragon Nest Guide : Best ways to increase your Combat Power !

The brave 5 professions that are not locked sex

It can be called goodness Or it should have been like this since on PC. It’s good for the creation, because in  World of Dragon Nest there will be a total of 5 professions, but there will be no more sex locks! Each profession can create any gender, not just Warrior. Archer men are women only. The 5 career lines are as follows.

world of dragon nest news
The brave 5 professions that are not locked sex
  •  Warrior – Close- up combat Focus on violent attacks Heavy as the
  • Archer – Archer and Crossbow Focus on medium and long-range attacks Can attack continuously
  •  Sorceress – magi that use various elements in the attack. Outstanding attack with a wide range of magic and intense.
  •  Cleric – a holy light priest. There is a melee attack with combos + mace. And medium range with lightning power
  •  Slayer – the most agile assassin hunter of all professions. Focus on fast and continuous attacks

Skill-based skill system and role

For skills in each profession,  World of Dragon Nest will be adjusted to increase the diversity of the players by removing the career change system. Which all professions will be able to use 2 types of weapons as before But the skill will vary depending on the weapon used. Each weapon has 3 skill types, which are

  •  Active Skill – It is a blue skill. Press normally. Is a basic skill
  •  Continuous skill – It is a red skill that when we continue to use the skill. Until the full power gauge, We can use these skills after general use skills.
  • Ultimate Skill – is a very powerful ultimate skill. But also a long cooldown as well.
world of dragon nest news
Skill-based skill system and role

Which don’t have to worry about having to choose a weapon line Because it can switch weapons to go back and forth between fighting and quite a bit Because we can only drag 3 general skills (blue 3, red 3, ultimate 1) while waiting for the cooldown, we switch to use another weapon instead because of the cooldown? It will separate the ability to use skills at all times. But this is not enough variety There is also a system called Skill Skill, which is a skill that will determine the role or role of that character. Also whether it’s an attack line, a defense line, or a support line. In which all professions already have an attack chain But the other will depend on the profession, such as Cleric will attack and defend, but Archer will attack with support, etc. The role will be both active and passive. Can install 3 skills each, separated for each role

Open World based mobile version

As mentioned above, the  World of Dragon Nest will become MMORPG open world instead of the original pc version of action MMORPG. Set up parties and then dungeon-specific groups. The game then became a quest from the NPC, and then chase the quests that meet many other players to compete for monsters to do quests as usual. But when the important part of the story has to fight with the boss Will use the Instance Dungeon hack system instead. In addition, an Auto system has been added to help with the quest. But will not work with quests that talk to NPC or collect general items. That one has to talk by ourselves. Including quests that have gone into Instance Dungeon as well, must play by themselves as well. But this is a lot of conveniences

The changed dungeon system!

Even if it’s already Open World, the dungeon is still there. But it has been changed quite a lot The dungeon system in World of Dragon Nest will be moved into a separate menu. Can click in at any time, divided into 5 types as follows

world of dragon nest news
Skill-based skill system and role
world of dragon nest news
The changed dungeon system!
  •  Abyss – is a dungeon for collecting various skill points. With the hit stone plus armor, weapons can adjust the difficulty of the dungeon In order to receive more prizes Can enter 2 rounds/day. It can only enter one person.
  • Special Dungeon – A dungeon for collecting money and experience. Can choose the difficulty level as well But can only be posted 1 round per day/dungeon only Can only be down as well.
  • Nest – Dungeon that lifted the Nest from the PC version, mainly to find wearable devices. This dungeon will not be able to adjust the difficulty. It will be harder to follow only the Nest The prizes will be wearables The hit stone plus level and special stone to build. It can enter 4 people.
  • Nest Hell –You can think of it as the Nest’s advanced dungeon. Normal, the boss will be more brutal, including rewards that are better and more diverse.
  • Event – This is by name. Will be a dungeon according to game activity depending on the time provided

Strengthening the character.

For the ability to upgrade the character’s ability, we can check from the character growth system. Which the growth of characters will be cut for each category, whether Skill leveling up Level of equipment suitable for level wear Combat mission Leveling up (in melting mode) Boosting equipment power And inserting Dragon Jade diamonds into the equipment All of which are separated grades to see what level we are in How appropriate are the characters? To know where we should empower the characters to become better Is a great spot to check the skills of our characters.

Colosseum showdown

For those who are in PvP, don’t worry because  World of Dragon Nest also has a mode that allows them to compete in a mode called Colosseum (Sorry, there are no pictures to view. Because releasing the episode around level 29 and the server dropped frequently Long queue up Move the server to play again), which will be available to play with all 3 modes, including

  •  Single PvP – 1-1 mode. The goal is to eliminate opponents for a 3-minute time limit.
  • Team Match – Team mode This one is counted as 40 points. Whoever wins first has a time limit of 5 minutes.
  • Free for All – The skirmish beat mode. No side who has the most killings within 5 minutes will win.

In addition to all of the above, there will be various basic systems in the style of mobile MMORPG games such as guild system, daily / weekly quests, nicknames, costume books, or systems from the PC version such as the NPC friendship system. That when giving the NPC to close together, will receive special items Like the Emotions in return, for example, It is considered a change from the original version to a mobile version of the World Open as World of Dragon Nest and still has a normal Dragon Nest as well. It’s a pity that the new opening period The server has quite a lot of connection problems. Until now, there were more servers. People started to spread out a little bit (I ran away, lazy to wait for long queues), now flow more smoothly. Anyone interested can download it at the link below.

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