Guide to How to clear Hagen Dark Nest Dungeon ?

World of dragon nest : Guide to How to clear Hagen Dark Nest Dungeon ?

Hagen Dark Nest is one of the dungeons that are difficult to solve for World of Dragon Nest players. To enter this dungeon you must have a minimum level of 25 and must open Time & Space on the World Map-> Saint Haven-> Move-> Scroll. Have you opened it now?

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The prize given from Hagen Dark Nest is quite good and has a high selling price. So you can make it find gold in the World of Dragon Nest. This is comparable to the difficulties that players go through, especially solo players. It will be very helpful if you have a compact guild, so this dungeon is a little easy to solve. Usually, the solo player will experience a kick without being able to party and there are many more suffered by the solo player.

But don’t worry anymore after knowing these tips because you will be able to complete Hagen Dark Nest easily. You can solve it with a random player without relying on your guild friends. Read and understand carefully what must be done to resolve this Hagen Dark Nest.

The thing that needs to be prepared is the dodge skill, you must be able to avoid the ultimate skill of every boss. In Hagen Dark Nest there will be a boss who can issue special skills that are quite painful when you get hit. Maybe for the 1st or 2nd try you can fail, but the next try you should be able to defeat it.


Stage 1 against Exile of Paradise Fighter

At this stage, dodge skills are not needed. You just need to hit it as normal as when farming. Face  10 Exile of Paradise Fighter with 10 bar blood. You can definitely proceed to the next stage. After defeating 10 Exile of Paradise Fighter  Hagen’s protective shield will disappear.

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Stage 2 against Heat Gate Monster

Heat Gate Monster has 10 blood bars. Starting from here, you must use dodge skills. It should be noted that the Heat Gate Monster will only attack 1 player and only issue skills in one direction. At that moment your position must be behind the monster.

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There is a moment when the Heat Gate Monster issues its ultimate skill, usually, there will be purple/blue waves coming out of the monster’s body. Monsters will jump, at this moment you must dodge to avoid the ultimate skill. Do it repeatedly and keep attacking. With ease, the Heat Gate Monster will lose.

Stage 3 against Hagen

Unlike the way to face the Heat Gate Monster, but dodge remains the most important to deal with HagenHagen has 10 blood bars and he attacks with short distances. For long-distance fighters like Archer or Sorceress, you can keep your distance. But for you melee fighters, always pay attention to the ax from Hagen. He will also issue his ultimate skill which has the same purple sign as the Heat Gate Monster and that’s when you also have to dodge. If it is successfully done, we can be sure of going to the next stage.

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Stage 4 against Hagen’s Anger

At this stage, most players lose. Actually you have to do the same when facing the Heat Gate Monster. The difference is attacking Hagen’s Anger from the side when your party is under attack because of the skills issued by Hagen’s Anger area to the front and back. Hagen’s Anger will also attack one target.

Notice when the 6th bar runs out to the 5 bar, you should stay away from Hagen’s Anger. The bar will also change color to turquoise. Because he will issue his ultimate skill. You will see a red wave which is the range of the skill (not be damage) but like sucking, but the purple color skill has damage.

Logically, Hagen’s Anger will suck the player closer to his body before he does the ultimate. Therefore you must dodge and move a little away when Hagen’s Anger emits a red wave. Hagen’s Anger will also do the ultimate on the second bar so stay alert. In the rest of the bar, beat on continuously and you can be sure you will complete this Hagen Dark Nest.

Those are tips for solving Hagen Dark Nest in World of Dragon Nest. It’s easy for you if in the party members there are all World of Dragon Nest classes such as a tanker, ranged attacker and melee attacker.

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