World of Dragon Nest dragon jade

World of Dragon Nest: Guide to get Dragon Jade!

Tips on getting Dragon Jade in the World of Dragon Nest and a full explanation. Immediately know and make your character perfect.

There are many factors that can make your character have a high CP in the game World of Dragon Nest. One factor is optimizing the Dragon Jade menu. In this menu, players can add several important attributes such as an attack, defense, penetration, critical damage and much more. But there are still many who do not know about this menu and what it is for.

There are 4 sub-menus in Dragon Jade namely Equip, Grow, Grinding and Awaken. 3 menus will be discussed because of the most asked questions. Are you the one who asked it.

World of Dragon Nest dragon jade

Instead of being confused just go straight to the discussion about Dragon Jade. Read carefully, don’t miss it so you can understand.

Guide to get Dragon Jade in the

Grow Jade

In Grow Dragon, Dragon level will be evolved or increased the grade when it reaches the MAX level, usually level III. When Dragon Jade has evolved it will change color and there are additional open attributes that can be changed in the Grinding Dragon Jade menu.

World of Dragon Nest dragon jade

To raise the level, Dragon Jade is needed which can be found in the Nest Hell Dungeon. Conditions of evolution require the name Dragon Jade Evolution Stone. The higher the evolution of the garde the more Dragon Jade Evolution Stone needed.

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How to look for Dragon Jade Evolution Stone, click the Jadenya section and there will be a notification about how to get the Jade in the boss field. One of the locations is World Map -> Mana Ridge -> Nort Hill Land. Remember to kill the boss field, click monster information. In 1 hour you can get around 5-15 Dragon Jade Evolution Stone. It depends on your luck.

Dragon Jade Evolution Stone can also be obtained in the Event Dungeon. When you successfully complete it, you will get a silver reward that can be exchanged in the event shop.

World of Dragon Nest dragon jade
Dragon Jade Evolution Stone can also be obtained in the Event Dungeon.

You can also get Dragon Jade Evolution Stone from quests and missions like in Main Quest Episode 2 and mission weakly, just check right away!

Do Dragon Jade Grinding 

Choose a good Dragon Jade according to your job. The highest grade is SSS and the lowest is C. You can lock dragon Jaden with Dragon Jade Heart . For example, your character is an archer type who has Dragon Jade 2 attributes in one of his equipment, SSS critical damage and defense C. Lock the critical damage attribute with Dragon Jade Heart then Change option and the result that changes are only the defense attribute while the critical damage attribute remains the same.

World of Dragon Nest dragon jade

Requires 2 Dragon Dragons Evolution Stones for each replacement according to the number of attributes. For example, your attribute is only 1, so you only need 1  Dragon Jade Evolution.

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Do Dragon Jade Awaken

Most new players are still confused about this Dragon Jade Awaken. Starting from how to get it and its influence on the strength of our character’s combat. Even if you can use it optimally, your CP will increase rapidly. Dragon Jade Awaken can be obtained through Nest Hell’s Dungeon.

In Dragon Jade, there are 5 Awaken choices including Cerberus, Apocalypse, Typhoon Kim, Sandworm, Guardian and Tacitus. Each Dragon Jade Awaken has different grades and each grade has different effects. Many effects that you can have such as adding defense, attack, penetration, critical damage and much more.

In addition, choose an effect that synergizes with your World of Dragon Nest job, for example when you build a critical type Archer. Then you try to look for effects that add critical damage. Keep in mind that when we control equipment, the effects are randomly received. We cannot choose the desired effect. Therefore it is rather difficult to find a synergistic effect. Maybe you have to control several times to get the desired effect.
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