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“World of Dragon Nest” Finally Lauched!

Do you remember the editors who tried out this open-world MMORPG mobile game “World of Dragon Nest”? This mobile game is carefully crafted by Eyedentitiy Games and released by Nexon Thailand! The game is officially launched on Android and iOS platforms in five Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand today. For the long-awaited play

The official said that “World of Dragon Nest” is a true open-world MMORPG, which inherits the traditional elements of “Dragon Nest” and then changes it into a new gameplay mobile game! It is worth mentioning that the mobile game caused a sensation during the pre-login event, successfully attracted 1,500,000 Southeast Asian players, and presumably has a very unique gaming experience! The following are the rich game elements of the mobile game:

ers of this mobile game, you can now download the game on the Google Play Store or App Store to experience And get an exclusive gift worth about RM203!

Open world

“World of Dragon Nest” puts aside the traditional dungeon level gameplay and transforms it into open-world style gameplay. This change really makes people’s eyes shine! Players also need to pick up their trusted weapons to face powerful monsters and bosses and create their own legendary deeds!

Four familiar occupations and one new occupation [Slayer], no gender restrictions!

Players can freely create game characters and choose game character genders. The degree of freedom of the game is very high! “World of Dragon Nest” has four familiar professions including Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress, but the official now launches an unprecedented profession [Slayer], it seems to be a good gaming experience!

world of dragon nest news
Four familiar occupations and one new occupation [Slayer], no gender restrictions!

Weapon replacement system and chain skills system

Players can change their weapons anytime, anywhere, and customize up to 17 Combo exclusive chain skills. Once the player’s red gauge is full, the player will have a short period of time to trigger the Chain Combo with ordinary skills. I blasted all my skills to Boss-level characters, which can do great damage!

PvP mode

  • In single-player PvP mode, players can battle with other players in the arena in real-time, and win and glory with their own strength!
  • In team PvP mode, players can team up with up to three other players and strive for the best titles!
  • Players can challenge their own power in PvP Colosseum mode!
  • The last one is the siege war with over 200 players!
  • Daily life system

In addition to exploring freely in “World of Dragon Nest”, players can also lead a fulfilling daily life, including fishing at the lake, planting the required crops, and mining in the mine. All these game elements can get materials in order to Synthetic drugs and crafting equipment! In addition, the game has a huge hot spring to bubble the game characters. This is a very important part because you can get different Buffs for the length of time! There are no official players ready for a variety of mounts, such as motorcycles, nine-tailed foxes and domineering dragons!

In addition to the above game system, the official also cooperates with “MapleStory M”. Players can browse the official website to enter the personal account information of “MapleStory M”, and you can get the classic orange mushroom mount in World of Dragon Nest for free for a limited time The deadline for this event is March 4, 2020! Players who are interested in learning more about mobile games can visit the official website!

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