World of Dragon Nest Classes

World of Dragon Nest: Classes, Weapons & Character List

If you are looking for classes, weapons or character lists of WODN then you are on the right place, Get check out the full list of World of Dragon Nest: Classes, Weapons & Characters.

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World of Dragon Nest Classes List

There are main five classes in the World of Dragon Nest game.

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Cleric
  • Sorceress
  • Slayer


A warrior is a front-line fighter with close combat skills. He has great physical strength and defense. His skills are very supportive to make his body stronger. Your enemy’s defenses will be destroyed when meeting him.

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World of Dragon Nest claass
World of Dragon Nest Warrior

Plus Points of Warrior

  • It is a melee fighter (mele) with a high DPS.
  • Having long-distance skills.
  • Strong for TB in boss because it has a buff defense. The skill can also be used for solo kill bosses.
  • It has a high number of cellphones.

Weak Point of Warrior

  • Don’t have dash skills. Actually this skill used to be in the PC version of Dragon Nest. But this time it’s not in the mobile version.
  • Difficult when PVP when fighting long-range fighters (range attack). Warrior will find it difficult to approach opponents, especially long-range job types. Moreover, dash that is no longer in this mobile version.
  • Not useful when used as a full tanker.

Expert Tip on the warrior

Full attack or Hybrid semi-tanker. When you are in hybrid mode, you must be able to balance defense and attack. If it is not balanced, then your character will feel all too heavy and it’s quite bad when in a fight.


Archer is a long-distance fighter using bows and arrows as his main weapon. He has a supple body so it has agile movements. Archer would not allow himself to be attacked at close range. Finish off your enemy immediately before approaching you.

World of Dragon Nest class
archer wodn

Plus Points of Archer

  • It is the best healer. If you want to be sought after by many people, be a healer.
  • Has a high critical DPS.
  • Sick long distance skills.

Weak Point of Archer

  • Having a difficult skill combo. The combo between longbow and crossbow skills that do not match.
  • Has a small defense.


Clerics are responsible for protecting and healing party members with their defense and recovery magic abilities. His attack ability is weak but he can fend off various attacks with the skills he has.

World of Dragon Nest class
cleric wodn

Plus Points of Cleric

  • It is the best tanker. Maybe this is the best job to be a tank in this game
  • Having cc skills that make enemies not dare to approach. Skill CC (Crowd Control) given like a stun.
  • Has high defense.
  • Difficult to conquer in PVP.

Weak Point of Cleric

  • It has small damage.
  • It’s hard to farm because it doesn’t have a skilled skill area.


Sorceress deals with distance damage with elemental strength and can defeat many enemies at once in a single attack. The skill is also very effective for supporting your friends in battle.

World of Dragon Nest class

Plus Points of Sorceress

  • Has high AOE (Area of ​​Effect) damage.
  • Easy farming.
  • Has a burn effect skill.
  • Have a beautifully animated skill.

Weak Point of Sorceress

  • Has low defense.
  • It has a small cellphone.


Slayer is able to attack enemies quickly using his Dual Blades and is able to throw many blades with Flaying Sword. This job is like a basic Assassin that relies on speed.

World of Dragon Nest class

Plus Points of Slayer

  • Have a high DPS.
  • It has the fastest and best combo skill.
  • Very good when PVP.

Weak Point of Slayer

  • Has a low HP.
  • Difficult farming.
  • Will be predicted to be a job market. Back in the PC version of Dragon Nest, this job didn’t yet exist. Maybe this is a substitute for Assassin.

World of Dragon Nest Weapons List

Below the list of all major weapons are available in World of dragon nest game.

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • LongBow
  • Crossbow
  • Mace
  • Wand
  • Book
  • Orb
  • Dual Blades
  • Flying Sword

World of Dragon Nest Character –  NPC List

Below the list of all major NPC are available in World of dragon nest game.

  • Geraint
  • Lunaria
  • Terramai
  • Irene
  • Velskud
  • Karakule
  • Barnac
  • Deckard
  • Argenta
  • Nerwin
  • Rose
  • King Cassius III



Arknights Class List & Overview
World of Dragon Nest ClassesGeraint The protagonist of Dragon Nest and also the strongest heroes. The Golden Dragon has transformed into the body of a young boy in order to protect justice.
Lunaria The goddess that appeared in Time and Space garden, is always pessimistic because she has lived in this world for a long time and had gone and seen through many things to the point where she does not feel a thin an more.
World of Dragon Nest ClassesVelskud He once wandered into the path of evil. He is now the strongest swordsman trying to protect the world from being collapsed. The Dark Knight of Death.
World of Dragon Nest ClassesIrene Young women who travel to various villages to give important news about the festivals and events organized by the royal family.
Karakule A Great mage, One of the six legendary heroes With impatient habits, combined with strong magic, makes her famous in a bad way But for allied forces, she is like a goddess of protection.
Barnac A Great warrior, One of the six legendary heroes, brave and not afraid of anything.
Deckard The guild administrator of the adventurers of Calderock, as an adventurer who created a name for himself in his younger days along with his knowledge and leadership, he was accepted as a guild administrator.
Argenta A Silver Dragon who is responsible for maintaining the peace and balance of the world. With a unique, silver hair and red veil that makes it eye-catching.
Nerwin An Elf archer, One of the six legendary heroes. She becomes the queen of the elves afterward.
Rose A Gentle young woman, but her real identity is the prophet who holds the destiny of this world.
king Cassius III The third king of the kingdom of humanity, when the successor of the first throne died in his youth he became the successor to the throne while being only 10 years old.

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