World of Dragon Nest : Best Guide & Tips to get more gold

One of the most important things, when you play World of Dragon Nest, is having lots of gold. Even gold can be more important than the red diamond. Having abundant gold in a fast time for new players is a challenge. But sometimes this becomes an obstacle because of the difficulty of finding gold.

The reason gold is very important to look for is gold as a means of a player to increase its combat strength. How not when you will do smelting, you need gold, each level of the amount of gold needed will be more and more. That is one of them, and there are many other things that need to be upgraded by requiring gold. The more gold, the better your World of Dragon Nest job.

Against this background, what is the best solution to find gold easily and in a short time? Gold is sure you get every time from the quest but it’s certainly lacking. You can’t count on that!

Here are tips to get lots of gold in World of Dragon Nest. Read carefully, don’t miss it so that the results you get can be maximized.

Best way to get more gold in WODN

The first thing you really need to do is become a trader. The game world can be a place for you to do business. You can get a lot of gold by collecting green diamonds from the results you sell items. Because all players will use green diamond to shop on Exchange.

Exchange features

  • Transaction list: A list of items that you will search for such as main weapons, side weapons, helmets, body, shoes, accessories, green diamonds and many more.
  • Sale registration: To register an item that will be sold.
  • Sale list: List of items for sale.
  • Purchase list: List of items purchased.

Usually, gold will be exchanged for green diamonds to do shopping. Then what items should be sold to get lots of green diamonds?

Hunt down the Ruby Enhancement Stone

Ruby Stone is an item that is still quite expensive at this time. You can farm in the Land of Darkness map and to get there you must reach level 20 as a condition. To reach the map, select World Map -> Mana Ridge -> Land of Darkness.

World of Dragon Nest GOLD
Hunt down the Ruby Enhancement Stone

In this map hunt boss monsters with orange writing. There is a monster named Man in Darkness, Blooded Blade and Wicked Claw Rayark. You can head to the boss’s place quickly using the free mount of World of Dragon Nest. What do we kill this monster for? Try to look at the information section. Click the Monster then select Information, in the three monsters you can get a Ruby Enhancement Stone which is quite expensive at around 500 diamonds at the beginning of yesterday’s release. Remember to find and kill the boss who has orange in his name, not his son! You could also drop a Ruby Stone, but the rate is small.

Keep in mind that Prices will always change due to mutual price war between players so that the items sell quickly

If on the map many hunt boss monsters too and incidentally, there are a few tips here. Do this way so that your changes can be greater to get Ruby Stone drops.

Lure the child from the boss monster and bring it to the boss where the spawn is, automatically the player who will later attack the child.

Complete Seal and Sudden Quest

Complete the Main Quest in Episode 3 to unlock the feature. The first thing you see in Seal is the zodiac or constellation. Don’t waste this feature, fill in the blanks to increase your fighting strength.

World of Dragon Nest GOLD
Complete Seal and Sudden Quest

On the other hand, this Seal has a pretty high green diamond selling price. You can get it at Daily Quest, Sudden Quest, Field Boss, Colosseum Shop, Event Shop, and Seal Synthesis. Well here surely you are confused about where Sudden Quest. You can’t see the quest directly, but this quest will appear suddenly when you are farming or hunting. Usually, you will get a Sudden Quest Acquired notification and will enter the quest list found on the left of the screen.

Keep in mind that Quest Sudden only appears in Quest Episode 3.

From sudden quest prizes that can be received like Skill Seals. You can get Skill Seals with higher levels such as green and blue seals, of course, the price is more expensive than the white one. The selling price of the blue seal skill can reach 35 thousand green diamonds. But you have to think again to sell it too because you can use this seal skill yourself.

Try to Complete the Special Dungeon

Every day there will be a special dungeon that can be entered 2 times/day in each dungeon. Do not waste this opportunity, you must finish it! Because the prizes obtained are not bad enough to increase your gold savings. The higher the level of difficulty, the greater the prize.

Try to Complete the Special Dungeon

That’s a few tips on how to get gold quickly in the game World of Dragon Nest. Keep in mind, the prices of items always change each time. This is due to the unfair price competition. Items that were once expensive can eventually go down and become cheap.

Do more PVP in the Colosseum

Every day you can do PVP at the Colosseum. Because in the Colosseum there will be a daily rank, one of which is gold. Let’s just say your character is still lacking, just target the 50s and above, you can already get gold around 50 thousand. Rewards can be seen in View Rewards.

Do more PVP in the Colosseum

Complete the Reputation Mission

Complete the mission in Reputation. Gold prices that you will get quite a lot of tablets though not as big as when you sell green diamonds. This reputation is mandatory for you to do and if the mission is too burdensome for you, maybe you can finish it with a party with your friends.

Complete the Reputation Mission
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