World Flipper Rerolling

World Flipper Rerolling Guide | Tier List for Reroll!!

World Flipper is a brand new Gacha game. As you know that mostly, gacha game supports rerolling to getting the best summon at starting of the game. Check out the Rerolling guide for the World Flipper game.

How to Rerolling in the World Flipper?

Rerolling is quite simple in the World Flipper game. After successfully installed the game and done your first 10x Roll. Just follow the below step to reroll in the game.

  • Hit menu on the top right on the title screen.
  • Right option with the folder and bin.
  • Confirm with the red button twice. The Blue button to accept the agreement.
  • Press the red button to skip the tutorial and confirm.
  • Then you’ll get a summary of the tutorial and after choosing your name you can get right to summoning
World Flipper Rerolling Guide
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Also, new players are looking for a tier list for rerolling. They want to know that which summon is best while rerolling in the game. Here the list of Best summons which you could go with.

World Flipper Reroll Tier

S Tier List

  • Claris
  • Ecreel

A Tier List

  • Philia
  • Wagner
  • Inaho
  • Bercetia

B Tier List

  • Marina
  • Leon
  • Cagliostro
  • Ralstol


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