Wizard Class Guide & Skill – Perfect World Mobile

Wizard is an amazing class in the perfect world mobile game. Get the best guide and skill of wizards class. Also, get each skill guide and what wizard’s skill and what is the use of skill.

Many new players are confusing when they start the game. They are confused about class choose. They are in trouble to choose class in perfect world mobile. So according to this problem, we will give a guide and skill guide for the wizard class in perfect world games. From this guide, you will get either you have to choose a wizard or not.

If you are new in the game, Check out our Perfect world mobile game guide and tips which help you a lot to understand the game.

Before you go on guide and skill, you have to know who is wizards and why you choose him/her as your hero.

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What is Wizard Class?

If you enjoy doing tons of damage wide-area nukes from long distances, Then the wizard might actually be just for you. The wizard class is not a gender lock. You can be male or female.

So if you want to give more damage and love to battle the wizard is one perfect class for you. Also, you can choose the wizard according to your gender. So this will give an extra realistic feel while gaming.

Wizard Class Guide & Skill

Pyrogram & Gush

Pyrogram is your basic attack in the game. You basically throw fireballs in the shape of fire charms. Gush is one single target powerful attack skill. That shoots a powerful beam of water underneath the target and dealing magic damage. Also slowing the target by 40% for 6 seconds.

Fire Will & Hailstorm

Fire will is also known as Phoenix. That flies across and hits all enemies in a 15-meter straight line in front of you. Also, dealing magic damage and knocking them back by 3 meters.

In a hailstorm, Your summon mighty blizzard. Also, raining ice upon your enemies within a 3-meter radius. There will be 5 waves of ice flying down all your targets. Anyone caught in the hailstorm will be slowed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Glacial Snare & Shrink

You summon 5 arrows that form into a glacial spike. That targets your enemy dealing magic damage and causing it to be slowed by 60% for 3 seconds.

Shrink is your mobility skill also known as special shrink. Causing you to teleport across the battlefield by 10 meters. Also, targets within 5 meters will be routed for 1.5 seconds. This way targets cannot even chase you when you teleport away. it is a great escape for PvP also you can dodge boss attacks.

Hill’s Seize & Dragon’s Breath

Hill’s Seize is also known as mountain Seize. You summon a massive mountain that falls down upon your enemies dealing massive amounts of magic damage. Also, enemies hit are stunned for 3 seconds.

In Dragon’s Breath, You have to actually stand still and you will be channeling Dragon’s Breath. Your channel a fire aura that emanates from your body for 4 meters. you stand in the center and 4 meters away from your body will be the circle of fire.

Dragon’s breath does deal massive amounts of damage. However, you are completely open to attacks as you cannot move while channeling dragon’s breath.

 Chi Burst & Will Force

Chi Burst is the first of your three cheese skills also called spark skills. But it takes one bar of Chi in order to activate. so it’s like a Limit Breaks skill that makes you an invulnerable for one second and also increases your magic attack.

Will Force causes an invisible explosion among your enemies to silence your enemies for two seconds .slows them by 30% for six seconds and also gives yourself a barrier of stone for 30 minutes.

Blade Fury & Heart Sutra

Blade fury is also known as blade tempus. This is your second cheese skill. It takes two bars of chi and does massive damage you have to gain two bars of Chi though.

Heart sutra helps you regain 10% of mana. Also, your next skill within 10 seconds has no cast time.

Ice Dragon

Ice dragon is your third cheese skill in the game. Ice dragon is your third and remaining cheese skill or spark skill, you summon an ice dragon a source into the air before diving down at the enemy.

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