What is The Mystery of Erangel V2 ? PUBG Map Mystrey !!

PUBG Come with new Erangel Map Version 2.0.In this map,there is one The Mystery in new map version 2.In this Tips,We guide you How to You can find this Mystery in Map.

You can find in the hidden basement of several buildings one is located west of quarry, one is located west of Stoll  and one is southeast of Everest and there could be others too.

The Mystery of Erangel V2
location in map for Mystery

You can enter the basement by destroying this entrance.But you will need a gun or grenade punching does not work.

The Mystery of Erangel V2
Entrance basement for Mystery

There’s also a hidden entrance inside the building that also leads into the basement entering.The basement you immediately get this mysterious atmosphere and on the wall of this hidden shelter is a map.

The Mystery of Erangel V2
Hidden entrance inside the building

The map has several locations circled out with added pictures.Some even with writing arrows and other markings.This looks to be a riddle or so-called Easter egg.

The Mystery of Erangel V2


That if salt might reveal a cool secret.But what does it mean?what is interesting with these specific locations?and how does it all add up in order to investigate?

Further I went to the places. I could recognize from the pictures and some of the marked locations and had a look the first place.I went was built a power .I immediately noticed that one of the towers have been blown off is this.why it was circled out in the picture.


The Mystery of Erangel V2

Another picture had markings and numbers showing off the generator room and a number that I have a really hard time making out.But it could say 1975.

The Mystery of Erangel V2
1975 NUM

When going there to look. I couldn’t find any matching number and I was unable to interact with the machine.I was also unable to interact with a console behind it the next place that went was mansion and despite standing in the same spot as the picture.There was really nothing to see there.

I also went to kamesh key and the only interesting thing I noticed here was a warehouse of the same type as the one in the picture these warehouses are placed all over the map.But why is Chomsky circled out then what am I missing here finally a travel to Georgia pole.where I did find something interesting within the March circle a prison building or police station that carried the I marking inside.

I found banners matching those I found in a secret basement could this mean that it’s all connected or is this just a coincidence in the container part of Georgia pole.

I found the exact spot from where the picture of the warehouse was taken perhaps.This is the warehouse it’s all about again going to investigate.

The Mystery of Erangel V2
Exact spot from where the picture of the warehouse was taken perhaps

I unfortunately found nothing suspicious so what does this all mean is this really a riddle or is it evidence of something that occurred years ago one thing that’s certain is that this remains a mystery and what if we could solve it together when you get into the new earangle map.

You can solve this Riddle and send us by contact us.

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