Warhammer Chaosbane – Fighting Guide For Boss Great Unclean One

There are several Bosses are in game Warhammer Chaosbane.It it very important to do Fight with them to increasing level and be a winner.So How To Fight with Boss Great Unclean One and How to Beat him.We will talking about in this guide article.

Things You need To Do

The only thing that you need to do is avoid that shock wave the long-range strike that comes after getting targeted by that array or laser or whatever that thing is that laser tracks you so stay still and when it gets to your position dodge out of the way.

Second detect that boss does is some kind of vomit that is poisonous and will destroy you quickly. If you stand in it only way to be safe from that vomit is to get behind any of the structures there are. Three structures in total at the beginning of the battle .At least one structure needs to be up through all three stages because that poisonous vomit will killing otherwise these structures are being damaged by that shock wave.

Boss Great Unclean One guide
Boss Great Unclean One Vomit


Attack that comes after you being targeted to make sure that at least one structure is left standing throughout all three stages is to move out of the color.whenever boss is done vomiting because after vomiting that shock wave attack usually follows and that would destroy the structure.

I think every structure can take two hits and then it’s done then it collapses permanently .Second stage is all the things from first stage but with couple things added.

Occasionally boss sends his small ads to attack you. When that is happening he is surrounded by protective barriers .So that means you can’t damage him but at this time unlike in first phase, he will do a nasty melee attack after protective barrier goes down. So stay away from the boss next to death.

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Patches on The Ground

There are also some patches on the ground.That appear over time that do nasty damage if not avoided thankfully.They do not explode instantly but they are acting for a couple of seconds and then they explode.Avoid these at all costs other than that go behind the structure when boss is vomiting and make sure that one structure is left standing.

When going into third phase now the notorious third phase everything that you’ve encountered so far is active in third phase as well.So there will be patches vomit ads coming at you protective barrier and so on the thing that changes.

Here is that boss is almost half the third phase in protective barrier meaning you can’t damage him after that protective barrier goes down.

He will do that melee attack same as the second phase but what is more important here is the vomit that comes all the time after protective barrier.

And melee attack meaning, you need to get your ares behind a structure in order to survive.vomit is much more dangerous this time ,because it sprays in all directions in first and second phase.

Vomit was going slowly from one side to another this time. it goes instantly across whole area.Remember it’s always the same pattern protective barrier goes down boss does belly attack and then comes the vomit.

Vomit so get ahead of it and park your ares behind the structure in order to survive be patient during the third phase.Because this is more like an endurance phase both cannot be hurt with continues insane damage .Because of that protective barrier that goes up quite frequently.

So you’re gonna have to balance out killing heads and attacking the boss at the same time as long as you can keep that vomit in check everything else will come together thank you for watching this video and see you soon.

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