Warhammer : Chaosbane Easiest Way To Get Best Gear in Game

There are many Gears are available in Game Warhammer Chaosbane game.One of best Gear from all those Gears is Red Gear.In this Article,We will guiding you to How to Get Best Gear in Warhammer Chaobane game.

How to Get Best Gear in Warhammer Chaobane game

There are so many gears are in Warhammer Chaosbane game.One of Most best and helpful gear is Red Gear from all of those gears.

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After meeting final boss,Relic hunt be unlock.

warhammer chaosbane best gear
Relic Hunt Unlock

You can access Relic Hunt by Going to Collector Gear and choosing Relic Hunt Option.

warhammer chaosbane best gear
Ralic Map

Now,You have choice to choose Three map.Each map has negative modifier.In grand Relic map has three negative modifier.

In Grand Map,you should definitely prepared for for Red Gear by choosing Difficulty level.As you choose level of playing high then fragment also will be increasing in percent.

In addition,in high difficulty,you will get more loots and gold from playing game.

You can also increasing and decreasing Collector’s Guild Skill,and get lucky charm also.This be done by decreasing  loot quality by 1000%.

We also suggestion you to use this Lucky Charm skill ability only when you are surrounding by high difficulty skills.

Another thing that you can do that,Decreasing Fan skills by 50%.We think,this is only way to best loot.At end of game,you wll definitely get highest amount of loot from dong this skills setting in game.


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