Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List

Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List

Vanguard ZERO allows reroll. As a pre-registration reward for this work, you will receive booster packs x 20 packs (since there are 6 per pack, a total of 120).

Vanguard Zero Reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List

You can delete the data by clicking ” Delete User” from the menu button on the upper right of the title screen. Use the function when you do the reset, and do the reset efficiently’

Vanguard Zero Reroll Cards Probability

The emission probability may vary depending on the type and period of the cards.

Rarity Emission probability
RRR Triple Rare 1.67%
RR Double Rare 5%
R Rare 13.33%
Common 80%

Aim cards at end of reroll

As the ending line of Vanguard ZERO’s Reroll, multiple RRR cards, which are the highest rarity.

The RRR is not necessarily strong, but it is still rare and highly recommended at the time of rerolling.

Also, since this game is a card game, if you play a rerolling while imagining the deck you want to make, it will be easy to make your own strongest deck.

By the way, since this work is also equipped with a card generation function let’s perform reroll while considering the deck balance.

Vanguard ZERO has a total of 40 decks, one for grades 0 and 13 for grades 1, 2 and 3. In reroll, we recommend that you decide which clan you want to aim at and then aim for multiple RRRs for that clan.

However, if you want to create a strong deck after creating an account with a lot of RRRs, it will end when you get a lot of RRR. Vanguard’s recommended reroll method is to decide the deck structure you want to make to some extent before rerolling.

Step to Reroll in the Vanguard Zero

Follow the below step to do fast rerolling in the Vanguard Zero.

  • Clear Chapter 1 first
  • Install game & download additional file(around 780 MB).
  • Go to gift and claim all your ticket & gems
  • Go to shop and press on gacha button
  • Choose your option (with ticket or with gems)
  • Start reroll

Once, you download and install the game successfully, You have to need to download additional data that is around 780 MB. So WiFi recommends. After clear chapter 1, Claim all tickets and gems.

vanguard zero gift
Collect Gift

After collecting gifts, go to the shop and press on the gacha button. Now, you can do reroll using your gems and as well as the ticket.

Vanguard Zero Reroll
vanguard zero ticket

So this all about how to reroll in the Vanguard Zero Cardfight. Hope you understand. If you have still any queries, drop your comment on the comment box.

Reroll Tier List

Below list of all RRR Cards which you can aim while rerolling.

  • Knight king Alfred
  • Soul Saver Dragon
  • Lone Knight Gunsrod
  • Battle sister
  • Silent Tom
  • CEO Amaterasu
  • Dragonic Overload
  • Seal Dragon Brocade
  • Blazing flare dragon
  • Genocide Jack
  • Ashla Kaiser
  • Ultimate life cosmo road
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5 months ago

I got a account that I been working on already, and I was thinking about rerolling but I don’t know if I want to because my account might be gone forever will I be able to recover my account if I’m rerolling?