Valkyries Heroes Saga : How to reroll? – Guide

Check out the rerolling guide for Valkyries Heroes Saga. Guide to how to reroll in the Valkyries Heroes Saga.

“Story of War: Valkyrie Heroes Saga” is a story-oriented training game that draws the friendship of beautiful girl heroes full of justice. Players will create their own teams and strategically combine character weapons and equipment.

In this game, you will unlock the locked hero by acquiring the hero’s exclusive weapon. Dedicated weapons can be obtained by challenging various difficulty levels in story mode.

In this game, you can enjoy a battle with a supergiant boss. The main boss has destructible parts, and by destroying specific parts, it is possible to obtain special weapons and rare equipment materials.

Valkyries Heroes Saga Reroll Guide

Below guide on Valkyries Heroes Saga Reroll

  • Download & Install Valkyries Heroes Saga game
  • Clear beginner tutorial & get registration rewards
  • start to drawing gacha
  • If you get your best one then go for next
  • otherwise, reset data and restart the game

Download & Install Valkyries Heroes Saga game

Valkyrie Heroes Saga game app size: 1.1GB. After installing the app, start the game by logging in your guest name and entering your name. Names can be duplicated and can be changed later, so you can use an appropriate name in rerolling.

Valkyries Heroes Saga reroll

Clear beginner tutorial & get registration rewards

The story can be skipped in the Valkyrie Heroes Saga, so if you want to re-serum, the skip function is recommended.

Note that the battle tutorial is a bit longer and cannot be skipped. In addition, since auto-battle is possible after stage “1-3”, it is necessary to tap the screen up to that point After the stage “2-1” clear, up to a maximum of 20 times Gacha redrawn because there is, here is the first time reroll point.

Valkyries Heroes Saga reroll

Also, keep in mind that you can’t aim for multiple weapons since only one weapon appears in the redraw gacha.

Get Pre Registration Rewards

After completing the tutorial, you can receive a reward from “Email” on the home screen.

The rewards “Large Battle Supply Box” and “Orange Weapon Box” can be used from the warehouse. If you receive missions, you can also get two single-shot diamonds. Receive them all and proceed to the following gacha.

start to drawing gacha

The Valkyrie Heroes saga gacha is called “supply” and has a scarlet supply box and a combat supply box.

A large scarlet replenishment box is like an event gacha, a single gacha requires 588 diamonds, and a 5-gacha requires 2850 diamonds. A small battle supply box requires 120 diamonds, and a large battle supply box requires 588 diamonds.

In other words, as of March 5th (release date), it is possible to do a reroll in a small combat supply box x 2 + a large combat supply box + an orange weapon box, By the way, the gacha system of this work is a system where the character is lifted when the hero’s weapon is acquired for the first time.

otherwise, reset data and restart the game

Valkyrie Heroes Saga’s Reroll can be deleted by the general rerolling  method (uninstall & install). Since the download capacity is large, let’s go to reroll in a place where the Wifi .environment is in place.

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