V4 Mobile: Best PET & MOUNT Guide

V4 Mobile is one amazing MMORPG Game. But still, many new players of V4 Mobile confuse regarding to pet in the V4 Mobile game. If you are new in the game.

V4 Mobile: Best PET & MOUNT Summoning Guide

You can get pets as rewards from various quests or just buy them from the shop with either gold or red gems. Red gems are basically real cash. But you can easily buy these red gems using gold as well. However, there are limit per day to buying red gems using gold. So this thing is notable.

Now check out how to summoning the pet. Check out guide on summoning pet in the V4 Mobile. just click the pet scroll and you’ll be able to summon them for 30 minutes. once the 30 minutes is over they’ll disappear and so does the stats they provide.

just click and use the scroll again or you can automatically summon them once their duration is done through the settings of your game.

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Ryan Cooper
5 months ago

Thanks! Reven is the best pet