Ulala Idle Adventure: How Unlock New Pet, Equip, Best pet Guide

Most of the players are confused about the pet in the Ulala idle adventure game. In this article, you will get all about the pet and how to equip them in the game.

If you are new in the Ulala, check out our Beginner guide for Ulala game. Also, check the Classes guide for the Ulala game which helps you to choose your best class in the game.

Ulala pet guide

How to Unlock New Pet

Release new pets is very important because pets make your character more powerful and stronger in the game. But most of the new players are confused about how to unlock or release pets in the game.]

To release the pet, you have to need to reach level 16. Because once you have reached level 16, many new features are unlocked. After reached level 16, Cook feature unlock.

This cook feature is to help you to unlock new pets in the game.

Now, you have to need to cook something. Cook anything in the cook option, Once you have foods, you are ready to capture pets.

Just go to the Pet option and you will get capture option at the right top corner.

Ulala pet guide

Tap on it and you will get one capture window. Add food and just wait for time. You can also skip left time bt spending pearls.

Once time passed, you will get pets.

Cultivation of Pet

Getting a pet is only half a step. Cultivation it another half step. To release capture pets, you have to need research on it.

After pet release, you will get a Rare Fossil or Normal Fossil according to the quality of the pet, which can be used in Pet Research. Pet Research can unlock the pet skill slots and increase the attributes. Once the pet has an empty skill slot, it can equip the pet skill. The pet skill can be equipped in all the pets. Replacing or Releasing pets will not affect the skill progress from the pet skill.

Pet Attribute

Pets have 4 stats attribute. Attribute helps you to how much your pet is powerful. So whenever choose your pet, make sure you have to know the pet attribute which you going to choose.

  • Attack – It only affects the Pets damage output.

  • Symbiosis – Affects the pet and players’ health total.

  • Assist – Affects the pet and players’ attack total.

  • Guardian – Affects the pet and players’ armor total.

Best Pet

There are so many pets in the Ulala idle adventure game. But if you are looking for the best pet then it depends on your Hero class. Because each class is working differently. So it depends on your class. However, the legendary pet is best for you. So always try to unlock legendary pets.

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