Ulala Idle Adventure : Mystic Realm and Enchanting Books

Once you reached level 25, You will able to participate in the Mystic Realm. In this guide, you will get all about Mystic Realm and Enchanting Books Guide. 

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Once, You reached level 25 &  Chiwawa Gorge 40, you will able to participate in the Mystic Realm. So this is the minimum requirement to unlock the Mystic Realm. Also, You have to four-member in your team. If you are one, two or three in the team, you can not participate in the Mystic Realm. So this is a basic rule for the Mystic Realm.

About Mystic Realm

Mystic Realm is one separate model from the current ongoing game. This never affects your current level and progressing of your ongoing game. This mode is one kind of raiding area for your team.

In Mystic Realm mode, You have to need to beat bosses. You will get a total of three chances. Similiar, all other players get three chances in the game. So there is a total of 12 chance- challenge you have to beat the boss.

Enchanting Books List

Here is a list of all enchanting books which you will get in the Mystic Realm.

  1. Weapon Enchanting Book
  2. Off-Hand Enchanting Book
  3. Ring Enchanted Book
  4. Headgear Enchanting Book
  5. Clothes Enchanting Book
  6. Brace Enchanting Book
  7. Shoe Enchanting Book
  8. Necklace Enchanting Book

You also get rewards from this mode. Which helps you level up and enhance your gears in the game. So it is a very cool mode in the game.

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8 months ago

someone left when mystic realm is active, you cant progress

Reply to  januz
8 months ago

you should asked your party member to quit as well and then you can start new adventure