Ulala Idle Adventure : Best Guide & Tips For Beginners

Ulala is a Brand new MMORPG Game. In this article, you will get guidance and tips for the Ulala Idle Adventure game. Check out tips for the Ulala game.

Ulala is one adventure game. The game comes with many classes and many map inbuild game. In this game, you have to need to create your class and optimize it. Once you enter the game, your journey will be starting. You will get bosses fight and creature fight in the game. Also, So many features such as cooking, Black Market, monster chest, etc.

However, the game provides one amazing feature which is an offline reward. When you close the game and sleep, your earning is constantly going on. When you come back again in the game, you will get offline rewards. So it is awesome thing about this game which I like much.

Ulala: Guide & Tips For Beginner

Choose Right Class at Starting

Ulala offer chooses your class and character at the starting of the game. So it is very important that choose your class to start at the game. Because once you have choose your class then you could not change it later in the game. So It is necessary to choose the right and powerful class at staring of the game.

In the Ulala game, You will get eight different class and each class comes with its unique fighting skill. Check out our Classes and character guide for the Ulala game. It helps you to find your perfect class for the game.

Check Ulala Idle Adventure guide. Ulala Idle Adventure tips for level up. Guide for classes. Gear guide and many more. All about Ulala Idle Adventure.

Ulala: Best Class & Character Guide


Enhance with Your Gears

Getting gear is not the main objective of the game. You have to need to enhance it with it. Enhance is the process of making your gears powerful and stronger.

Enhance with Your Gears

To enhance your gears, you have to need to spend shells. Shells are basic currency of the Ulala game. Just go to your character and Choose any gear. You will get the Enhance button. Press on it and spend suffice amount of shell to enhance your gear. So keep enhancing with your gears in the game is a good habit.

Take More Challenges & Get Rewards

To faster progress in the game, you have to need to take more challenges. By pressing on the Challange button, Battle will start. You have to need to defeat the boss in the challenges. Once you defeat the boss, you will get rewards and EXP in the game. I recommend you to take more and more challenge to progress faster in the game.

ulala guide tips
Take More Challenges & Get Rewards

Challenges also help you gain more exp in the game. As you take more challenges, your overall exp per min will increase. At the right top corner, you will get the map and below the map – you will get exp/min and speed of making shell/min. It helps a lot to increase the level up. You can increase speed of exp/min by taking more challenges in the game.

Try to Level Up Your Character

Increase levels are very important. Once you reach level 16, You will get so many new things and features in the game.

First Pet in the Game

After reaching level 16, You will able to get your first pet. Pet help you in fighting against the boss and other creature. Pet makes your character powerful and helps to increase overall performance. Going to the pet button, you can equip the pet.

Unlock Cook Function

Also, you can unlock the cook function after reaching level 16. In cook, You can cook your food for your character. There is any healing for your hero. You have to need to cook foods to recover your hero’s health. So level 16 will get the cook function.

Also, there are some other features that will give by Level 16. So after starting the game, your main focus on reaching level 16 first. Once you reached, You can easily unlock other features. So I strongly recommend to first reach level 16.

Equip New gears to Your Character

As you progress more in the game, you will get new gears. But equip it to your character is major thing in the game. So whenever you get new gear, first equip it is to your character.

Equip is not only enough thing. After equipment, you have to need to upgrade gears also. So once equip gear to your character, try to upgrade it soon.

Collect Rewards from Daily Quest

Like every game, Ulala offers to do daily missions. As you do a daily mission, you will get rewards according to mission. After complete once, you can collect those. So do your daily mission and collect rewards.

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