Total War : Three Kingdoms Guide For Beginner | 8 Most Useful Tips

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega.The game is also available on Windows,IOS and also for Linux Operating system.

We're going to start things off with some extremely essential starting tips revolving around the real-time battles of the game.Some of these might already be clear but most will hopefully provide an extra bit of insight to everyone.The plan is to flesh this beginners guide out with beginner intermediate and eventually advanced concepts.So we suggest you checkout this all eight most useful tips for beginner.

Total War : Three Kingdom 8 Most Useful Tips

 Fight The Battle of Wills

There are two crucial ways of defeating the enemy on the battlefield.The obvious option involves killing each and every one of them but the faster option involves destroying their will to fight.when you select a unit

Below Image bar here indicates what the currently selected units morale is hovering over the bar will give you a list of all the current modifiers positive and negative.

Total War : Three Kingdoms tips

Bar Indicating

Take one Good example ;Units a slight bump in morale while being charged from the sides or rear gives a great reduction.Keep in mind that records mode puts a heavier emphasis on morale especially since it lacks some of the potent morale boosting abilities that romance mode generals have access too.

Keep in mind also that some units have the unbreakable trait .This means they will under no circumstances surrender or flee from the battlefield unless explicitly told to do so.Outside of these unbreakable units every unit can be convinced to leave the battlefield with a little bit of concentration.

Consider all the negative modifiers that can stack being under ranged fire losing the current engagement ,being charged from the flanks, being charged from the rear taking a lot of damage at once ,being hit by or standing next to fire standing next to a unit that invokes fear.

These are all individual modifiers and if you pile them onto a unit all together ,you will get them to waiver ,route and ultimately shatter.

A wavering unit has their icon flashing and  a routing unit throws a white flag.

wavering unit

Wavering Unit

routing unit

Routing Unit

But a shattered unit with just a white flag over its head is making its way off the battlefield for good.Might come back to fight again later by fighting this battle of wills, you can win a battle quickly without losing too many lives of your own and you can also use the morale high ground to break through particularly important parts of the enemy.Crush a flank puncture the center eliminate range support etc etc

Use morale as a tool is very important and in Our opinion it's the actual health bar of a unit.

Arrow Rain Supreme

The battlefields of total war three kingdoms are often littered with corpses well before lines even come close to clashing.Most archers are able to fire at a great range and with many units lacking range block chance especially at the early stages of the game it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Most archers are able to fire at a great range

Cheap and plentiful archers can be swapped out for superior ranged units ,when the time comes typically providing armor-piercing damage and higher base damage or perhaps providing a higher rate of fire while sacrificing some range.

Apart from outright killing people from range being under fire from arrows will dampen troop morale making it more likely for them to break and certain types of missile fire such as that from repeating crossbows will actually have a multitude of effects including speed reduction and reduce melee stats.

Add these to the fact that morale takes a huge hit when a unit loses a large number of its troops in quick succession and you've got a simple recipe for success.

units block

Units Blocking

You'll need three to four units of archers, find the enemy unit that is most susceptible to range damage. It will either say it outright on their unit card or you can simply look for the unit with the lowest block chance and fire a few volleys at them and watch their numbers and will to fight dwindle.

Weaken them until they break or until you feel your own soldiers can just finish them off and then switch targets rinse and repeat.

Note also that arrows are actual physical entities so the larger the target the easier it is to hit.This means that not only is it easier to hit cavalry but also that you're more likely to hit something if you fire into a densely packed area.As such make sure you're keeping an eye out for enemy units ,using loose formations, they are less likely to get hit and are as such less than ideal targets.

Another thing to keep in mind is that arrows do not discriminate between friend or foe .If you fire into a melee engagement ,you will kill your own to reduce the amount of friendly fire. you should always try to target units that aren't yet engaged with yours or you can try to maneuver your archers .So they have cleaner firing angles into the sides or backs of enemy clumps.

Arrows will still get through and hurt your own troops though .So be very careful about your angles of fire morale and hit point damage will both affect you just as it does the enemy.Keep an eye as well on the firing arcs of your archers. Sometimes, they'll fire from up on high and sometimes ,they'll try to shoot straight down.

Firing from up on high seems to be less accurate .So you want to be in a position where your archers can fire straight into the enemy.At least while they're trying to close the gaps and charge in the lower the arc of fire, the more accurate the fire seems to be.



Use Advanced Formations

Whether you're marching forward on the attack preparing a particularly brutal charge or holding the line, you will sometimes have access to advanced unit formations that will help bolster your abilities.Keep in mind however that these unit formations never come for free.

Some will hinder mobility others will reduce certain stats and some will make a unit more vulnerable in some ways while protecting it against others.

Make sure you keep an eye on these formations and use them as necessary. The benefits they provide are very clearly visible when used correctly loose formation must be used when the enemy has many ranged units or has towers from which they'll snipe your most elite troops with great ease.Unfortunately the loose formation doesn't hold well against incoming charges so prepare to turn it off when the enemy gets close.

Using the wedge formation is excellent for cutting through enemy lines and devastating their morale and numbers.The turtle formation allows your units to block incoming range shots while limiting their movement speed a worthwhile sacrifice against a range heavy enemy.

There are circles and hollow squares for absorbing or even reflecting incoming charge damage and then there are the really funky ones for units like the azure dragons where they carry Spears and range weapons providing a Spears front archers back formation. Now keep in mind that these formations do take time to get into and so you have to be very responsive to evolving situations.

Don't expect your cavalry to magically get the advantages of the wedge formation just because you clicked it a second before they made impact.Keep an eye out for the enemy using these as well.

Charged and Be Charged

It is extremely important to know when and how to charge and when not to.These might sound like basic concepts but there is a touch of nuance that needs to be addressed.

Charging the enemy involves selecting your unit and then depending on your settings either single or double right-clicking on a target enemy unit.Do not assume that your troops will automatically charge the enemy. There is no such thing as a move attack order in total war.

You need to give specific attack or charge orders charges serve multiple purposes.For one it can absolutely obliterate an enemy unit but it also helps with morale.Anytime a unit is told to charge .They get a slight bump to their morale while it may seem negligible it can make a world of difference in keeping a wavering unit fighting.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of that keep in mind also that a good charge needs a good run-up your cavalry .For example can't really charge in to the enemy from a few feet away they also don't get the best charges ,when rounding corners make sure they have a clear path to the target and make sure there's room to gain speed when a charge hits speed and weight both matter.

This is why some formations mark out the increased charge speed because that translates to increased damage output.

Fire Is Powerful!

Make sure you unlock and bring fire arrows and fiery ammunition to the field and make sure you use it appropriately fiery ammunition is typically slower to shoot and less accurate.

fire are powerfull

fire are powerful

But you can do three very important things for.

Start fires. Firing fire arrows onto trees or buildings will have a chance of starting a fire.Trees are satellite rather easily and buildings will take fire damage.


When that fire damage reaches 50% it typically continues upward on its own pretty quickly and when it reaches a hundred percent the building is set alight and it starts to take proper damage.

This kind of ties into the first one, I think maybe I'm cheating here but the fire itself can spread among trees and other buildings potentially taking out entire sections of forest multiple towers and crucial buildings within cities.

Remember it's slower to shoot less accurate and as a result it causes less damage it is a completely viable and perhaps even preferable tactic to use fire arrows and fire ammunition as an occasional shot in the case of setting buildings and trees alight use fire arrows until the job is done by all.

Take Your Time

it is very easy to rush into combat to feel confident in your numbers and to feel a bit of impatience but if you take your time to plan your approach ,you can often get away having taken less damage than you otherwise would have.

This is particularly important for crucial campaign battles where you can't afford to lose too many troops.For one especially in records mode running around everywhere tires your troops out and tired troops move more slowly and perform a lot worse.

This isn't as big a deal in romance mode but why fight tired if you don't have to it does have an effect.




Apart from that looking around the map will often give you some ideas in terms of your approach.Units can hide among trees or tuck behind hills to stay safe from enemy lines of sight.

General Tips

Generals can very easily make or break an entire battle especially in romance mode where they're basically superhuman and come in with various crazy abilities.In either mode make sure you're paying attention to the classification of your generals avoid using strategists in battle unless it's for the occasional rear charge or for cleaning up the enemy on the route.

For example make sure the right class of general is being used to engage enemy troops versus engaging enemy generals and keep in mind that your generals start mounted ,but they can be told to dismount if you're particularly worried about a wall of spears.

Generals in romance mode have access to a plethora of abilities much like advanced formations make sure you use these appropriately to help overpower enemy troops and even enemy generals.

They can be used in the middle of duels as well .So make sure you supplement your dueling capabilities with your generals abilities. Now dueling should also be used wisely winning a duel means buffs for your army and killing an enemy general or otherwise getting them to route causes a big hit to morale for their retinue unless their troops have the disciplined trait.


The hurt to morale applies to records mode as well so don't be afraid to focus on enemy generals early on in a battle.Generals can also provide a buff to morale of nearby troops .So that's another reason to keep your generals near crucial engagements while also trying to take out enemy generals.They are a key target they're a high-value target which means you must protect your own and kill the enemies.

Rock Paper Scissors Formula!!

This very simple formula of rock-paper-scissors best .Yes there are exceptions to the rule but if you're just starting out with total war battles and some of the more intricate things are overwhelming.

Now almost every unit has an ideal role and an counter.As long as you can force the enemy to engage with counters while avoiding them yourself you'll do well.

Spears destroy cavalry including mounted generals in records mode.Shields swords are good at countering Spears and axes typically have more damage output and can be used well against Spears and swords alike.

Keep an eye out for these two stats as well one denotes armor the other denotes armor piercing.An armor piercing unit is wasted against an enemy unit that doesn't have armor and units without armor piercing damage will be more or less useless against heavily armored foes.Make sure you're using armor-piercing units against armored enemy units


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