Tom and Jerry chase guide: Best Tips & Tricks for PvP to win every battle!

Are you looking for the best guide on Tom and jerry chase? Check out the best guide with tips and tricks for Tom and jerry chase game. This guide will help you win every classic battle in the game.

Tom and Jerry chase is one online PvP game that may remember your childhood. You can experience of famous fiction Cartoon series called Tom Jerry by just playing this game. So this is one amazing game developed by netease gaming.

Tom and Jerry chase guide & Tips

Change your Joystick and Sensitivity setting

This is my first tip on Tom and Jerry chase game. Because the game is based on picking mouse if you are a cat and try to save from cat if you are a mouse.

tom jerry chase guide

So your sensitivity plays a major role in this game. So I recommend all new players who just start the game that changes your best setting for your joystick and severity according to your device and device size. Because every device has a different display size and its own display sensitivity.

However, still, my recommendation is to set your movement setting. Use the joystick option instead of the L/R option. Left and right are more confusing. So I personally used Joystick. This is one best setting for fast-moving from one to another.

Also, you can change your joystick sensitivity according to your choice. Try different options and once you find your best sensitivity, you can go with it.

You can sill change cat and mouse control settings. If you want to make any change then you could. Also, there are many settings in the setting. Read all one by one and in case you want to change then change it.

You will be either Cat or Mouse in a PvP match

If you have played any classic match in then you already realized that you either be cat or mouse in the PvP Classic mode. So I suggest you to play as both at the beginning. Once, you will understand what fiction is for your game style then choose any of one as your main character for the next PvP match.

However, I never tell you that choose anyone. But I suggest you to be a master in the one. In my case, I like to catch a mouse. So I always prefer to be Cat in the game. However, this is a personal choice.

If you are cat and catch any mice, just go to rocket

Many times, I have missed my mice which was caught by me. Because once you caught any mice, you have to need to put him on a rocket with a given specific time. You can watch your countdown on the right upper corner of your mobile device.

Also, you are aware of the rocket location. Many times, you catch mice but you don’t know where is rocket tap. So always keep in mind of rocket tap. Once, caught mice, just focus on going there.

Also, this is one PvP fight. So there is chances of mice’s ally will come on your side and can attack you. So always ready to fight with them as well.

Try to learn each skill of cat & mice

In the Tom and jerry chase game, there are many characters as well. Each characters come with each own skill of fights and defense as well. So when you unlock any character and play with him, focus on learning their attack and defense skills quickly.

However, you will easily understand each skill, Because, by tap in on skill icon, you will get all information about skills and how to use skills. So it is not a big deal that how to use the skill.

So this just guides on Tom and Jerry chase. I am playing game and as i will find new tips, I will add in this article as well.

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