The Walking Zombie 2

The Walking Zombie 2 Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

If you like Zombie Based game, Then The Walking Zombie 2 is one perfect game in this 2019. Game is based on Zombie and You will get story also in the game. So This is one in two combination game. Also game story is very Interesting and giving cool graphics with medium size.

The Walking Zombie 2 is one Shooting game, In which you need to kill zombies which all are coming on your side for kill you. Every time you will get different type of missions in this game and You need to clear all mission for level up in the game.

Game is Fully FPS. Also game is based on Karma. Your good deeds and bad deeds will give result according to your deeds. Also You will get verity type of bosses such as Big Boss, bandits and Zombie walkers in the whole game. Game is start with one unique story. So checkout Walkthrough of The Walking Zombie 2 game.


Story of game is started from one Pregnant woman who was giving birth of her son. She was very infected. The woman is zombie.  After some time the boy is born. Now, At that time, You need to put your character name for game.

The Walking Zombie 2 Walkthrough

After add your name in game, One person asked to Doctor, “How His mother? ” . Doctor sad ” She is not well and Disappeared. ”

Suddenly, Boy’s mother who was zombie start attack on everybody whose are standing there. But one person who has Assault Rifle, He had shoot mother and killed her at that time. Now the boy becomes momless. And some zombie stared to attack Gun’s Person.

Person needed to kill 8 zombies to save baby. After killed 8 zombies and took baby on his hann, The main game will start. This was Birth f Hero Mission.

After 20 years, Your hero is ready for fight with zombies. So this is full story of The Zombie


Equip All Gear To Your Hero

If your hero have not  necessary gears then he could not fight well against zombies.  Because gears help to increasing health of hero. So Equip Al necessary gear to Your hero.

To Equip hero, Press on Bag Icon > Inventory and you will get all Gears such as Leather Scrap, Shoes, Iron Scrap,Guns etc. Equip which is Necessary. This help to fight.

Don’t Waste Gas

Gas is very very helpful to travel different locations in map. Whenever You go one place to another place, Few litter of will consume. This gas is travel cost gas.

Follow Red Arrow

If you Follow Red arrow, Which indicate your destination in the game, Then you will faster complete any mission in The Walking Zombie 2 game. So Always  follow red arrow in the game.

Also while in Mission, you will get mission list at left upper side corner which indicate your pending mission. So focus on Pending mission in the game. It will help to complete any mission in the game.

Use Grenade while More Zombies around You

Grenade is ultimate weapon to kill huge amount of zombies once. So whenever you under crowd of Zombies, Use your grenade in the game. Each Grenade has Strength huge amount of zombies.

Sell Unnecessary Item

Sometimes, you will get useless items and those items are useless for you. Those never useful while you in mission. Those also decrease bag free space. So it is good to sell these Unnecessary item.

Because Whenever You sell item, You will get coins. This coins help to purchase useful items from shop later.

Always Talking With Different Persons

Whenever, You talking with Different persons, Each person help to you get direction toward you new mission. From this guide, You will get ideas from your next mission for next. Also, Sometimes, Person deal with you for mission and you will get some amount of money from person to do that mission. So you can also earn money from it.


Upgrade Your Skills and Perks

You can upgrade your skills by Go To Character > Skills. Also Upgrade your perks.

Found Scrap Only Sold to be merchant

There are four different type of scrap in this game. Leather Scrap, Iron Scrap . Silver Scrap and Gold Scrap. This Scrap sold but only at merchant.

Try  To Kill by Headshot

You can easily kill by headshot. Because headshot give 3X more damage to zombies. So headshot also help to save your Bullets .

The Walking Zombie 2 Walkthrough

Active Aim for Batter Aim

Aim is better way to zombies with less amount of Bullet. becuase aim is help to track zombies position which make better target aim. So always use use aim option. You can active aim using simply double click on any free space.

Don’t Do Bad Karma In The Game

If you will start do bad karma in the game. If you will start good people in the game it will your bad karma. So always focus on Killing Zombies. It will calculate in your Good karma.


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Can I ask mr.? Where I can find those merchants?