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The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Ultimate beginner Guide with Tips &Tricks

Are you just beginner players in the 7 deadly sins grand cross? Check out our ultimate guide on The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. This guide helps you understand all the basic stuff of this game and help you to start with powerful.

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There are many things that you have to need to understand in this game. Things such as tavern, recipe, quest, Hero and set up new team, Affinity, Enhancing heroes, battle with bosses and many more. So this ultimate guide helps you clear all your doubts regarding this game. Hope this guide will help a lot.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Ultimate guide and tips

Reroll Guide

The reroll is one process in every gacha based MMORPG game which helps you to get your dream SSR or SR Heroes or gacha at starting of the game. So I recommend you to after installing of the game and download the addition data file. Do a few tutorials and reroll.

You can check out our reroll guide on The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross which helps you understand more regarding this one.

Quest Guide

Tap Quests icon on the bottom of the screen and you can check the quests in each village in the progress. You can move directly into the place for the quest by tapping the (Go Now) button.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tips

Tasks: These are the quests given by characters staying in the tavern. Through the character icons on the left and you can check the quests by each character View can move directly through the [GO Now] button.

Tip no 1: “You can get a variety of rewards so don’t forget to clear tasks!

Achievement Guide: Tap the Quests icon on the main screen and select the Achievement in the upper right.

You can check the achievement you have acquired while playing the game. You can acquire Gold, Diamonds, Achievement Points through achievement. With Achievement Points, you can acquire bonus rewards.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tips

Story Quests: You can check a variety of Story Quest s to enjoy The Seven Deadly Sins world.

Quests on the Progress: You can check the quests on the progress. You can receive up to 10 quests at the same time. You can play the quests faster using the [Go Now] button.

Village Quests (Sub Quests): You can receive a variety of quests to occur in each village you pass through while progress story. Every time you clear village quest, you acquire village friendship points. Depending on the village friendship level, you can receive more quests.

Tip no 2: According to friendship level, you can get higher grade equipment and cooking ingredients.

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Heroes Guide

You can check the heroes, characters On the Heroes screen. Collect a variety of heroes and grow them up. Tap each hero’s portrait and check details.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tips

Tap the filter button located in the low er left corner to sort the list of heroes by grade, stats, attribute, race, etc. Use this function when you want to find heroes quickly.

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How to Set up your team!

You can organize your deck with the Set Team button located at the bottom of the center. You can check on the Set Team On the setting team screen, you can see the heroes. combat class Tap and the association slot below the hero slot.

You can select and set up the associated hero. You can also set up recommended members more comfortably with the Auto Set button.

set up team 7deadly sins

  1. Hero Selection: By tapping the hero section, you can choose the hero and build your team.
  2. Team Selection / Team Name Modification: You can build 5 different teams in tota I and rename them as you can recognize easily by tapping the pen button.
  3. Setting Associated Heroes: By setting associated heroes, you can raise heroes’ stats more. You can set associated heroes when you get RANK 10. There are special associated heroes with a special effect so please make sure to check on it.
  4. Auto-Set: Through this button, you can set your team easily and efficiently. Sometimes it would be good to leave team setting to A.l.
  5. Combat Class: Combat Class displays the currently configured team. The higher the combat class, the stronger the team.

Hero Affinity Guide

You can raise Affinity with the hero by gifting the hero’s favorite dishes or Affinity Increase Elixir. The affinity level can be raised to a maximum level of 5 and the achievement rewards can be obtained for each level.

hero affinity
hero affinity

Level 1:Hero Illustration, level 2: Hero CV, Level 3: a Diamond, Level 4: Hero Motion and Level 5: Cosmetic Outfit.

Tip 3:  When you achieve the maximum level of affinity, the maximum amount of heart also increases.

Affection: You can raise Affection by winning a battle with the heroes or having a conversation and presenting gifts. When you increase affection to the maximum. you’ll get a heart and get rewards based on the number of hearts you collect.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tips

Tip no 4:  The maximum number of hearts increases with the number of heroes you have and the maximum level of affinity among individual heroes.

Enhancing Guide

You can raise the hero level with enhancing materials. There are “Success”, “Super Success”, and “Ultra Success”. According to a sort of success, EXP gain increases. Enhance costs Gold and you can register up to 6 materials.enhancing 7deadly sins

1.Stats: You can comfortably preview stats changed by enhancing.

2.Registered Enhance Materials: You can check currently registered to enhance materials. By tapping, you can unregister selected materials.

3. Enhance Materials in Possession: You can check to enhance materials in possession. You can select enhance materials by tapping them.

4.Filter: By tapping the filter button, you can arrange the enhance materials as you want.

World & Battle Guide

World Guide

In the world, where You can adventure with Hawk’s mama. You can get around a variety of locations and play SP dungeon (Fort Solgre s), boss battle. deathmatch, and others.

World Map: You can move to the chapter selection screen by tapping the world map button. If it is a place that you have already visited, you can directly move by tapping. On the bottom of the village’s name, the chapter’s progress is displayed.

Chapter: In the chapter, you can see the progress of each chapter and receive rewards according to the progress. You can also check the chapter in the event. Move comfortably into another chapter by using the chapter button!

Battle Guide

The battle is one of the main contents of the game. Through the battle, you can play the story, raise the hero level, earn rewards such as Gold, Diamonds, and enhance materials.

battle 7deadly sins

How to set a team for your battle?


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