The Seven deadly sins Reroll Guide

The Seven deadly sins Grand cross Reroll Guide & Tier list

Finally, the Global version of  The Seven deadly sins: Grand cross has been released. And now get to reroll guide for The Seven deadly sins. Check out fully The Seven deadly sins reroll guide with reroll tier list.

Check out full tier list for SDSGrandCross

Before you going to reroll for the seven deadly sins, keep the below the table in your mind. In the tutorial Gacha the SSR character will be confirmed and hit, so the first aim for your favorite character there.

After the tutorial, you will receive a reward of 10 consecutive gachas, and try to resemble your favorite SSR character. It’s important to note that The Seven deadly sins has a longer rerolling travel time, so it’s always a good idea to play the game in a place with a good Wifi environment, By the way, The Seven deadly sins has a data reset function, so let’s use the skip and reset functions to efficiently perform reroll.

Note: The emission probability may differ depending on type your gacha or character.

Probability of gacha
Rarity Character  Chances
SSR 3% 4%
SR 37%  30%
R 60% 66%

The Seven deadly sins Reroll Guide

Follow Below step to The Seven deadly sins Reroll.

  1. Install The Seven deadly sins Reroll and download additional data file (WiFi recommend)
  2. Advance the game according to the tutorial
  3. Turn the gacha (23 consecutive tickets + SSR ticket)
  4. Data reset if no-hit
  5. Go back to 2 and start over

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How many times can I get a gacha?
1 The first character gacha 11 stations
2 2nd character gacha 11 stations
3 SSR character confirmed ticket
4 1 diamond gacha a day
Total 23 times + SSR character confirmed ticket

In the first 11 gachas drawn during the tutorial, the SSR emits only certain seven deadly sin characters. Note that other characters cannot be targeted here.

The Seven deadly sins Reroll Guide

Let’s aim for either of the first 11 consecutive gacha! If you have it, it will be easier to capture the early story.

The Seven deadly sins Reroll Tier List

Now, Check out the Reroll tier list for The Seven deadly sins.

There are few SSR Gacha or characters which you must aim while rerolling. Below details of Gacha which you must be aiming while you are doing rerolling.

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In The Seven deadly sins, you can draw 11 free gachas that will be released one SSR character during the tutorial. Only the following seven deadly sin characters are targeted for emission, so aim for SSR characters that are highly recommended.

  • Gowther 
  • King
  • Ban 
  • Diane
  • Meliodas 

Gowther: Has total attack skills and special moves with Excellent skills to disable debuff skills. Able to Reduce gauge with special moves. Easily can Restrict opponent actions.

King: He has a Special attack technique for all attacks and also one Critical attacker. So firepower is low until UR awakens and equip equipment.

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Ban: He Can Rush damage with ineffective defense. Also, Reduces enemy special moves gauge.

Diane : Has Excellent skills to disable attack skills. Also Strong skills and special moves against single enemies.

Mediodas: Deal counter damage according to the damage received.Meriodas mainly fights with high magnification single attack and counter-attack. In particular, the counter is a unique skill of Meriodas, and it is widely used in story capture and PvP.

Check out full tier list for SDSGrandCross

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