Gold Farming sdsgrandcross

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross : Best ways of making more gold !

The gold is very very important in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. So in this guide, you will get a different way of making gold in this game. There are different tips that will give you and all are efficient in making gold more faster in the game.

There are many curtains of uses of gold in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. Such as Character evolution and awakening, Shopping at a general store, Reinforcement of equipment and many more.

So, therefore, gold is one important currency for everyone.

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Gold is basically required for character development such as character evolution and awakening. Naturally, as the number of cultivated characters increases, so does the expense. The point of saving is to cultivate frequently used characters with pinpoints and then cultivate them as needed.

Spend gold on purchasing goods at the village sundries and equipment shops. The consumption of gold is small due to the frequency of use, which is basically “additional missing ingredients”.

To reinforce the equipment, you need “gold that is incomparable to normal training”. As the equipment gets stronger, the success rate will drop and the required gold will increase. To maximize your equipment, you will need a lot of gold, so make sure you have plenty of gold and have plenty of gold.

Best ways of making more gold – Gold Farming!

Below the different ways of farming gold in the SDSGrandCross.

SP Dungeon – Gold

In the Gold Dungeon, you can get a lot of treasure chest whether you clear this dungeon every day or not will greatly change your gold efficiency. If you feel you are running out of gold, first make sure you take care of the gold dungeon.

Gold Farming sdsgrandcross

By selling treasure chess

The main way to earn gold at The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is to get a treasure chest and sell it. You can get gold immediately by selling the treasure chest you get, but you can also sell it for a higher price depending on the conditions

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Gold Farming sdsgrandcross

Giving a random gift to Veronica who visits the bar will increase the treasure chest sale by 20%. Veronica’s visit can be confirmed on the bar’s reservation list. Also, you can charge visitors to Veronica once a day, so make sure to use Veronica’s buff when selling treasure chests.

By registering recipes at the bar

By registering recipes at the bar, you can earn gold at regular intervals. In addition, raising the level of the recipe will increase your income! Lv1 and Lv5 have very different incomes, so it is recommended that you raise the recipe level in parallel with character development.

Gold Farming sdsgrandcross

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