The Catapult : Clash With Pirates Guide & Tips

If you love Skills based game which take your skills and power of your courage then The Catapult : Clash with pirates is one best game for you. Yes, This game is come with Action, Shooting and little Story based mission.

This is one amazing Offline game. And this will Take your skills power exam while playing game. Your one little mistake will Responsible for fail your mission. So this is very very sensitive game. I personally suggest you to play this game once.

The Catapult : Clash With Pirates Guide

Basically, Whole game is based on depend on Destroys all boats which are come your side t Destroys your shelters. You need to destroy incoming boat using stone. You need to throw stone using throw tank. Which is hand made.

Try Understand Next Boat

Every time, There are certain number of boats are come from end side of river toward your side. So It is very very important to you understand speed of boats and which type of weapons are in that boat. Because different boats have different type of weapons .

So always ready for upcoming boat and try to track its position and speed then shoot on its.


Ready for Sky attacks

As you increasing your level in the game, You will also need to learn sky attacks and ready for Burst balloons. Because balloons army also give damage on your fort. So always ready for sky attacks.

Sometime, You will get some coins by hit on flying bird. So ready for hit for flying bird.

Continue Throw Stones On Upcoming boats

If you are more trying to track boats positions then sometime, You may fail to stop its. Because every time, You may not success on tracking. So continue throwing stones on boats. This process will very very helping you understand your stones and position on its drop.Because there are no any limit How many stones you used for winning.

So this is one simple tips will help to cross every level in this game. I personally use this trick to cross level in this game.


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