Tennis Clash: Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Tennis Clash is an amazing Real-time tennis game. In this article, you will get the best tips for the tennis clash game which helps you win more matches and make your amazing strategy in the game.

Tennis Clash: Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Understand Upcoming Ball towards you

If your opponent hits a hardball to you that is hard to return, always return cross-court. Because the court is actually longer that way so you have a smaller chance that you will hit it out.

You should also always come to the net when you can. This is because you always have a higher chance to win at the net. If your opponent comes to the net, always hit the ball quarter and force them to make the error.

Especially in this game, it is hard to see if the ball is going out from the net. So don’t worry if your ball is going long, just hit hard.

Start Slowing When You losing the match

This is one special strategy in this game. Once you start losing go into slow mode. This means hit the ball in no matter what you do. By hitting the ball slower and hitting the ball cross-court. This will force your opponent to make mistakes and you will always make it come back.

Win more tournament and get more rewards

As you win more matches in the game, you will get more trophies. Also, get to chance to get rank in the leaderboard. So keep trying to win each match and get more trophies. You can also get rewards from tournaments. So it is a good deal.

Follow Your Opponent Position & Hit the ball

There’s also a lot of stuff that you should do differently in this game than real tennis. Always hit away from your opponent. This means if your opponent is on the right side then hit to the left side. If your opponents on the left side then hit to the right side. This also makes us so you hit winners a lot of the time it’s a pretty effective strategy.

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