Tap Cats : Epic Cards Battle Guide, Tips to Win Battle & Cheats

Tap Cats is a brand new Cards based games and in today’s guide, You will get Tap Cats: Epic cards Battle Guide and some Best Tips for Tap cats game.

Tap cats are one card-based game for mobile devices. In this game, you will get more than 200 cards which helps you to make your powerful deck in the game. Also, the developer adding new cards every month. To become cats master, You have to need continues fuse, Recruit & Upgrade your deck’s cards.

Also, the Game provides some amazing features to players. Such as 18+ unique teams to build,  Unlock 16+ different Heroes to boost your battle power, Battle other players globally in Versus mode, Multiple strategies for combat, cloud feature to keep playing across multiple devices.

Tap Cats Game Guide

Build Your Powerful Deck In The Game

To get started on building your deck tap the deck menu. Or tap the deck quick navigation icon at the bottom of the game screen. This menu houses all the info you need to know to craft your deck. You can view the skills the team’s the available heroes and you can get extra tuna from the retire section.

Edit Deck Board

This board has two main areas at the top you have your current deck and at the bottom, you have your collection, which is a list of all the cats you have earned. To move a card from your collection to your deck just drag and drop it like so. Removing a card from your deck is done the same way.

Build Your Powerful Deck In The Game

You might have a ton of cards in your collection. Use the filter to sort by rarity, Fusion level, the attack delay, skills, and teams. Filtering will let you quickly craft a deck with the exact specs and cats you want.

There are a couple of things, you’ll want to keep in mind when crafting your powerful deck.

Choose a hero that has a reputation with your cats. You can tap on your hero from the deck edit menu to swap them out each hero will have a reputation with certain teams. which increases as you play those team’s cards with that hero equipped. The higher the reputation the more powerful your team powers will be.

Make sure you always have at least four unique cats from the same team in your deck. This way you’ll always be able to take advantage of the team powers in battle.

Also, always experiment and iterate with your cards. When you have made your powerful deck, go to battle and take note from battle. What works really well and what could be better the best way to improve. Try new combinations of cards and heroes until you find out what works best for you.

Increasing Your Team Power

Team power is a key strategy that will help you dominate the competition. when you in battle, if you see an icon pulsing on your cards, playing that card will trigger a team power. The icon will show you what skills will be triggered as part of the team’s power.

You’ll need to play at least four unique cats from the same team in order to activate a team power. Keep in mind cats that have been defeated in battle will still count towards a team power. Total also having a hero with a high reputation with your team can improve your team power.

Brief About Heroes

You can access heroes from the deck menu or by tapping your currently equipped hero on the left side of the Edit deck screen.

Heroes are the ferocious leaders that accompany your team into battle. Each with their own health and team alliance. A hero’s reputation can be increased by playing cards with that team while using the hero in the battle. The higher the reputation the stronger the team power is.

Heroes are unlocked as you rank up in versus battles and they can be upgraded with shards. While shards can be earned through gameplay. They can also be purchased in the shop to select heroes on a rotating basis. Shards received are specific to a particular hero and will be applied automatically toward the next upgrade. You can check your hero’s progress in their current reputation with any team and their effect on team powers in the hero’s menu.

Regular Upgrade Your Cards

A critical part of becoming the ultimate cat master is making sure your cards are as strong and powerful as they can be.

Build Your Powerful Deck In The Game
Regular Upgrade & Fuse Your Cards

You can see the upgraded pop up by tapping on a card in the Edit deck screen or on the retire screen. To upgrade your cats to higher levels you’ll need to use tuna.

Keep in mind every cat card has a maximum level they can be upgraded. To the rarer the card the higher the upgrade potential. Upgrading a cat will increase an attribute of the card such as health, attack or even strengthen a skill.

Retire Your Useless Cards Regular

You can retire cards that you no longer need in your deck. This will allow you to trade these cards in exchange for tuna to use for upgrading other cats.

Build Your Powerful Deck In The Game

Different rarities of cards will get you different values of tuna.

Cards & Tuna Values 
Common Card 1 Tuna
Rare Cards 8 Tuna
Epic Card 30 Tuna
Legendary Card 60 Tuna

Fuse Your Cards After Maximum Upgrade

Fusing is a way to make cards stronger, Once you have reached the upgrade limit. you need two cards that are identical. This means they’re the same cat both upgraded to max level with tuna and they’re both at the same fusion level.

when two identical cards are ready to be fused the button in the card details pop up will say fusion. When you fuse two cards, you will get one card in return that is more powerful than the original. With new upgrade slots ready for more tuna enhancement.

Keeping these three aspects in mind retiring upgrading and fusing your cards will allow you to craft even more powerful decks and help you conquer the leaderboards.


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