Tap Cats : Best 8 Tips – You need to Known

Tap Cats is an amazing cards based game. In this guide, you will get Best 10 Amazing tips for you which help you increase your ranking and power in the game.

If you are new in the game and don’t know How to Play this game and want to get beginner guide for tap cats, Check out Tap Cats Full guide.

Tap Cats: Best 8 Tips For All Players

Here are Top 10 Amazing 10 tips which make you cats master in the game. Check all these 10 tips for making you master in the game.

First Get Info About Your Hero

You will get all the info of your cards in heroes option in the game. Here it’s important to know how much health your hero has. If it is reduced to zero during battle it will result in a defeat.

As you progress through the game you will unlock more and more heroes to choose from. Each hero will have its own reputation with specific teams which will boost your team power in battle.

Get Info Your Enemy While Battle

Your enemy’s hero will appear at the top left of your screen. In order to get a victory, you’ll need to reduce their health to zero. An active cat will always physically attack the opponent opposite them. If space is free they will attack the enemy hero.

Known About Your Cards

It is very important to know which card you choose for next. And what is the use of it? You will get info such as team name, upgrade level, the skill of card, skill levels, attacks & health level and wait for timer from each card. So known all well then put your card next to.

Use Higher Timer Cards in Battle

As you know from previous tips, you could get info from every card. This will appear on a card and shows how many turns you will have to wait until it can attack. A higher timer usually means you are dealing with a more powerful cat.

Edit Your Powerful Deck in The Game

Whenever you earned new cats, You have to need to try and add its in your deck menu. Tapping on edit deck in the deck menu. Editing your deck is as easy as dragging and dropping the cats. You want be sure to edit your deck regularly. As you get new cards from winning battles, completing quests or opening packs.

Boost Your Energy Regularly

You’ve been battling up a storm and you have found yourself out of battery VS tickets. You don’t need to worry about this. you can earn energy in different ways. You can watch an ad each ad gives you five energy. Maximum 3 watches you can watch in one whole day. You can also spend some diamonds to get energy.  Also, you can use the batteries pack from inventory.

Collect Daily Rewards

Never miss collecting your daily bonus. There are 30 days’ daily bonus and each day you can get one bonus. Also, welcome a bonus which you can get the next seven days starting from the game. And also get bonuses from watching ads in the game.

Connect Your Account with Cloud

After lots of progress and hard work, it is very important for new players to save all progress. To do this thing, Go to setting and connect any cloud platform such as Facebook, Google Play Game, etc.

This is very important whenever you want to move your game into a new device.

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