Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

Symphogear XD Unlimited : Full Guide, Strategy & Tips

Symphogear XD Unlimited global has been released. Get guide on Symphogear XD Unlimited global battle guide, reroll guide, arena guide, enhancement guide, awakening guide and many more about Symphogear XD Unlimited global.

Main Screen Guide

Menu: General game settings, friend list, profile, inventory, FAQ contact, etc. The following 3 items you should do ASAP after finishing the tutorial.

  • Bind code: Menu > Other > Device Change > Generate Transfer Code
  • Disable skill animations Menu > options > card > Enable special attack animation settings.
  • HQ mode: Menu>options>Other>Enable High-Res.

  • Notices: Contains new gacha announcements, game updates, other news, etc.
  • Present Box: Materials from daily login appear here, or gacha pulls if you roll when your inventory is full. Mail disappears after 90 days, but there’s no time limit for gacha cards.
  • Recharge system: AP is used for normal quests, Hexa Quests and Advent Battles. EP is used for Events. BP is used for PvP/Arena (Challenge Cup uses its own BP system). CP is used for Multi Battles. Gold is used for pretty much anything that requires being leveled up. Song Stones (Gems) are used to roll the glorious gacha.
  • Quests: Main Quest, Event Quest, Hexa Quest, XD Quest, Side Quest, and SP Quest
  • PvP: Arena, Challenge Cup. Unlocks after clearing MAI-20.
  • Advent: Opens between 12-23:59 (JST) Unlocks after clearing MAI-IO.
  • Multi Battle– Fight bosses to get materials to Limit Unlock your units. Each boss can be fought 3x per day on two difficulties (Easy boss is unique to Easy). Or, help out a friend summon until you run out of CP Unlocks after level-breaking a unit once.
  • Gacha menu: Here’s where all the salt flows.
  • Shop: Money purchases but also event currency among other things.
  • Missions: Dailies, Weeklies, and General Quests.
  • Shop: Money purchases but also event currency among other things.
  • Missions: Dailies, Weeklies, and General Quests.

Card Guide

Party builds: Set up a party of choice up to a maximum of 10 parties.

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

  • Strength Details shows the stats your units have with Memoria and songs included. ONLY HP/ATK/DEF are accounted for. This does not take into account Memoria’s effects, like +20% crit rate or +45% critical damage.
  • The Leader slot of Parties 1 and 2 are used for the friend support system.

The Cost amount shows how much you can put in your party, make sure to not go over. Each unit and Memoria uses a certain amount of Cost Your total Cost allotment increases based on player evel_ Hexa party works the same but instead of 3 units, you can field 6 (3 front, 3 back) units.

Enhancement Guide

Manually select up to 10 experience materials, or up to 50 when you press Batch Select will automatically fill with Same Color > Rainbow > Off Color of lowest to highest available rarity, so double-check you’re not burning the wrong mats by spamming Batch Select. using experience materials with the same color as your unit gives more experience.

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

Stat chips can increase a unit’s base HR ATK, and DEF by up to +500/+99/+99 respectively.

When a unit is Limit Unlocked you can feed sad unit other units to increase the skill levels. Not something I would worry about right now, more information will be added when the time is right. (around the time Hard Hexa will be released for global).

Arena Guide

As a new player, I would ignore PVP for the first few weeks till you can get a decent enough team scrambled together. However, the moment you think you are ready, you should start doing as PVP is a good source of free gems (Sl gives 50 gems a week, with additional rewards based on rank).

The top 100 are added to a separate ranking called Master To maintain your rank each week, you must play at least 30 matches and have a Win rate of above 50%. If you do not meet these conditions, you will drop one rank.

Early on you want to collect points to rank up by defeating opponents The first 10 matches each week give double points. You can also get a Win Streak starting on the sixth consecutive victory, you gain bonus points per win The streak timer lasts for an hour.

PVP closes down every Sunday at midnight JST and remains closed until 07:00 JST on Monday, so keep that in mind. When it goes back up you can collect your reward for that week. You regain 1 BP every 30 minutes (or refill 6B? for 3 gems).

As stated before, there is no BP refill item In PVP you have a fixed 400 Cost to field up to 5 units, so you can go pretty wild if you want to. The only differences on the PVP party screen from the standard party creation screens are the EX Attack and a new ‘Formation” system. Do note, Arena has forced Auto-Skill_ As a result, your skill order is at the whims of RNG.

Awakening Guide

Awakening gives a small boost to the units stats, increases the modifier on the Passive Skill, and also changes the card art The required materials are crystals which you can farm on the SP quest tab (the crystal quest changes daily for each color available, cycling weekly through the main six colors and random – there is no Black crystal quest) or purchased from several of the in-game currency shops, like Event and Advent.

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

Limit Break & Unlock Guide

Limit Break Guide

With Limit Break you can increase a card’s level cap. This crap here is why you should save up enough gems to make sure you can MLB a unit as the only way to increase the Limit Break level in the game is to use dupes. Be It units or Memorial it’s the same for both.

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide
limit break guide
  • In total, you need 6 copies – one base copy and five duplicates.
  • 5-Stars are automatically locked by default so you have to unlock them first.
  • You can’t use dupes f you included them in any sort of party.
  • Press the Ready button to filter.

Each time you LB a card, you need to go back and bring the said card up to its new max level before you can LB it again. This is where the drills you see in the previous screenshot come into play.

These let you bypass the Max Level requirement so you can MLB it first before leveling. You need to be LBI for drills to be usable. The number of drills required increases based on rarity – 1 Drill per LB for 3-Stars, 2 per LB for 4-Stars, 3 for 5-Stars_ You also still need a copy of the card in question.

Limit Unlock Guide

This increases the rarity of your unit, boosting the stats by an amount depending on the original rarity of your unit. You must Max Limit Break a unit before you can Limit Unlock.

  • All units can be increased to 6-Star (so 3-Stars can be Limit Unlocked three times, 4-Stars twice, and 5-Stars once).
  • Native 3-Star and 4-Star units receive a pretty small boost to their stats, so it isn’t advisable to go above 5-Star for them.
  • Native 5-Star units receive a massive boost to stats when going to 6-Star, with stats doubling or sometimes even tripling.

Limit Unlock gives several benefits to your unit:

  • Reduces damage taken from defense pierce special attacks by 50%.
  • Chance to counterattack.
  • Chance to do additional attacks.
  • You can farm materials for Limit Unlock through the Raid Battle mode.

Shop Guide

In Purchase Song Stones you can buy Song Stones for real money. In the Purchase Item Pack tab you find the second archive purchase, and sometimes special tickets (sometimes including a Pick-A-Card 5-Star ticket) or other special materials, also for real money.

The third box is the Commander’s Box which gives you monthly gems.

Purchase Other lets you refill resource meters for gems, but they give out so many free refills (for AP, ER and CP – BP can only be refilled by waiting or paying 3 gems) and the game will prompt you to use them automatically anyway, so I don’t see the need to use those at all.

The last one in this shop is the inventory increase which is likely to be pretty helpful. You can pay 3 gems to increase your inventory by 10 up to a maximum of 900.

The Arena/Medal shops have common items available, like EXP mats, Awakening Crystals, and AP refills.

Purchase with Event items is the most important one, as this includes every Event shop, Advent shop, Gacha medal shop or Pick-a-Card 5-Star Ticket shop. These do expire, so do not forget about them and clear your event currency before they run out

  • Welfare unit > Welfare memoria > tickets > Tier 4 Awakening mat > CP Refill (Rice) > Stat Chips >Memoria EXP > Unit EXP > Gold > T 3 and below Awakening Mats > Memoria EXP > Unit EXP >Gold.
  • The first set of EXP Mats/Gold are half price (190 currency/10 cards), the last ones are more
    expensive (380 currency/10 cards).

Advent Battle Guide

Advent Battles are only available from 12:00 GSTto 23:59 JST every day, and can only be battled twice per day. This essentially makes them a glorified daily quest. The boss is available to fight changes every three days.

In Advent Battlesv you take a team of four units plus one friend unit with unlimited cost and engage in battle with an unkillable boss as a sort of “damage high score” mode.

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

Each boss consists of waves – a first, short wave where the boss has finite HP and can be “killed,” and a second phase that lasts until your team succumbs.

You are rewarded (separately) based on both how much damage you do, and your rank compared to other users. You receive tokens for each boss and level break Drills Of you score high enough) for raw damage and Awakening materials and tokens (if you rank high enough) for rank.

There are two “Teams” in Advent Battles. Your main combat team, and your support team. Your main combat team consists of 4 units (plus a Friend Unit) and you have infinite Cost.

You can access your Support team the first time you fight a given boss and create your team, or by pressing the “Support Cards” button next to the Save button. Your Bonus team acts as a damage multiplier.

The amount of bonus damage is based on the unit level and unit color and caps at 90% per unit for an Lv. 70 unit that has a color-type advantage on the boss, for a total of 270% bonus ATK.

  • Unlike EX Attacks, the original rarity of the unit doesn’t matter.
  • There’s also no bonus for using all the same girl. So you can use random LU 3-Star or 4-Star units to achieve maximum bonus and use your actually powerful units for your combat team. Press Strategy.

Raid Battle Guide

Unlocked after level-breaking a unit, participating in and completing Raid Battles gives you materials needed to increase the rarity of a unit. This is especially important for PVP content as “Limit Unlocked” 5-Star units get a monstrous stat increase Currently, only units can be LUd Memoria cannot.

The Quest tab is where you can start your own bosses. The Aid Request lets you fight other players’ bosses. The Join Rescue tab is in-progress bosses started by other players, while the Challenged tab is in-progress bosses started by you.

The fifth and final tab is the Results tab, where you can claim rewards from finished bosses. You can only have one of each type of boss active at a time Press Strategy Guide to know various information about the boss.

Press Reward Details to see what’s on their drop table. Like Hexa-Quests you have six units to play within Mufti-Battles – three “main” units and three “sub” units, but this time with unlimited Cost.

  • You cannot bring a Friend Unit into Multi-Battles.
  • Using additional CP is a damage multiplier. 1 or 3 CP is lx damage, 5 is 2x damage, and 10 is 3x damage. Because of this scaling, it is rarely worth it to use extra CP on a Normal boss.
  • There are three tiers of materials – Small, Medium, and Large.
  • You need Large mats to upgrade 5-Star units, you need to fight hard bosses
  • There are five categories of rewards for each boss.
  1. Discovery Reward – the reward is given for starting the fight (only given for your own bosses).
  2. Participation Reward – the reward is given for damaging the boss at all.
  3. Killing Blow Reward – the reward is given for reducing the boss’ HP to 0 on your screen.
  4. Big Damage Reward – the reward is given for being one of the top 3 damage-dealers to the boss.
  5. Contribution Reward – the Tiered reward is given for dealing 30/07 5%, or 10% of the boss’ total HP.

The best chance for high-tier rewards come from Discovery, Killing Blow, and Big Damage. It is still possible to receive high-tier rewards from Participation and Contribution.

Quest Guide

The main Quest is the place where you can go through the story of every Symphogear season, plus the game-original “Symphogear 3.5” storyline that takes place between GX and AXZ Nothing really special about this one. These usually use MAX-XX abbreviations.

SP quests are the daily quests that you can run for Awakening crystals, EXP materials, etc. At certain times, other special quests may be found in this menu as well. When the Challenge Cup is live you can farm a quest for anpan (UFP”/CC battle refill item).

Symphogear XD Unlimited guide

  • The newer missions for 5-Star Gold, 5-Star EXP materials, and Formation Books (unlocks after clearing AMI-20) are limited to 2 runs a day.

Side Quest is extra quests from bond levels you gather. There’s also the EX tab which are alternate story missions you unlock after reaching a given player level.

The last one is the Memoria quest – some Memoria comes with an extra story that you can complete here. Some are just reading and others include battles. All of them, however, grant 5 Gems for completing them the first time, just like every other quest.

Hexa Quest is available for a limited time, usually 2-3 days. Whenever Hexa is up, it will be announced in-game. These Quests have a chance to drop the advertised card. Rates aren’t publicly available but from guessing we think it’s around 1 % drop rate for a 5-S

tar_ These units aren’t on the level of power crept gacha units, but they do the job fine and help you with pretty much any content XDLJ throws at you, courtesy of essentially being free 5-Star units. You can run 3-Star and 4-Star unit quests to farm skill fodder if you feel like grinding.

  • Hexa uses its own party set-up, with a total of 6 units, 3 main and 3 subunits, limited by your Cost.
  • When you can clear Hexa comfortably, you can fill the back row with 3-star units for easy song unlocks.
  • Friend supports can be selected but all you get is the Leader Bonus.

Event Quest is likely the place you will spend the most time on in this game (besides PVP may be) for all that juicy event currency.

so you can buy out a shop Usually there are üo events a month, with the first one having a story (and a welfare unit) and the second one having no story, just new gacha units.

It’s recommended to use either first or second or both party set-ups for events so people can use you for extra Bonus.

Keep in mind that the friend bonus is capped to 70 so you will not get the full benefit of a whale – only the damage modifier event units have in the event.

When you’re changing a party for a new event, there’s a filter for units and Memoria that grant Bonus, so that’s helpful to avoid scrolling through all your cards.

Symphogear XD Unlimited Tips & Tricks

  • Unlocked song bonuses are permanently active, so just use whatever song you like in combat.
  • Songs give 3 gems every 10 levels for currently a total of 18 a song.
  • If you can clear Hexa Quest with 3 units max, you can place units in the backline you need to unlock songs for.
  • Use a (random) Lv. 70 friend support unit to speed through story content. 
  • Max Limit Break 3-Stars or 4-Stars have better stats (but not always better skills) than 5-Stars that aren’t Limit Broken. 5-Star units start out scaling Max Limit Break 4-Star units around LB3/Lv. 56. 
  • Vitalization, Synchrogazer, Glorious Break, and Exterminate are useless units for new players, congrats on pulling them but as a starter, you don’t have the cost, the gold, or the mats for them. 
  • Dupes are king in this game (for limit break purposes) so you’re better off saving than rolling on every gacha.
  • Abuse mailbox for units/Memoria when your inventory is full, as gacha pulls in your mailbox do not expire.

So this is a guide on Symphogear XD Unlimited game. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get the best mobile gaming news & features guides.

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