Sword Master Story Rerolling Guide & New Gift Codes list

Sword Master Story is an amazing RPG game. Many players need to guide on how to rerolling in the Sword Master Story and new working gift codes for Sword Master Story. Check out both in this article.

Sword Master Story Reroll Guide

In this game, you have to need to collect a total of 2700 gems in order to start to summon pull. However, there is not any perfect method for rerolling in this game. Because you can also start the pull at any number of gems. for example, you can do pull by spending 2500 gems also. But by using 2700 gems, you will get 11x pull chances. However, each specific pull needs 270 gems.

Check out below step to do reroll in the Sword Master Story game.

Step 1: Download and install the game and start your game as a guest account. If you don’t want to reroll then you can also sign with either a Google play account or FB account as well.

Step 2: Skip beginning tutorial and storyline and start the clear first 2 stages and collect rewards from the mailbox. It will give 300 gems and one five stars pull free.

Step 3: Go to setting and coupon code options. Use the coupon code “NOWTHEYCOME” to get free 500 gems. And focus on do stages missions. As you complete it, your achievement simultaneously finishing. Playing stages missions until you will not get 2700 gems.

Step4: However, you already get one five star character by spending one five star token. But in the rerolling, you looking for a more five-star heroes. Once, you get 2700 gems, go to summon and select 10x summon. It will give you heroes randomly. If you get five-star heroes, you can continually play games. Otherwise, log out and again start the game as a guest account.

So this is one simple way to perform reroll in the Sword Master Story game.

Sword Master Story Gift Codes

To use these codes, go to the setting and find the coupon code icon. Tab on it and you will get new pop. Use any code from the below list to get free rewards.

Sword Master Story is a brand new game. So the developer released only two gift codes. Below the list of gift codes for the Sword Master Story game.

  • NOWTHEYCOME: By using this code, you will get free 500 gems in the Sword Master Story game.
  • SWORDMASTER: By using this code, you will get free 4 stars to summon ticket x1, 5-star equipment box x1, 4 leaf clover x5, S class raid box x3.

So this is working gift codes for the Sword Master Story game with a rerolling guide.

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