State of Survival Guide : Tips, Guide, Weapons, Heroes

State of Survival is a brand new zombie’s based survival game. In this article, you will get guidance and tips for the State of Survival game. Also, get some basic tips for the game.

If you are looking for the survival game for mobile, then State of Survival one perfect choice for you. This is an online Zombies based game in which you need to kill zombies and survive. Also, you have to need to farm your building with different types of building such a hostipital, Army camp, Military, etc.

Also in this game, you have to Rescue to survivals. Also research for zombie disease. zombie disease is one disease in this game and it is mutating rapidly for all survivals. So you need to learn and apply your own ideas to controls this disease.

However, You could also recruit new heroes and new weapons in this game. So you can easily progress faster and faster.

In this guide, you will get amazing tips for states of a survival game and also guide for weapons and heroes.

State of Survival Game Guide

State of Survival is not all about killing zombies and progress. It is quite different than other zombies based games. Because in this game, you have to need to farming and establish your own empire in the whole game world. So if you are thinking about killing more zombies and clear all levels of game then it totally going wrong for you.

Upgrade Your Training Camps Regular

As you have known that there are so many buildings in this game. You can upgrade each one and get maximum resources from it. Similarly, it is necessary to upgrade your training camp to recruit more soldiers for your battle.

So after upgrade your HQ – Headquarter in the game, first upgrade your training camp. So you could get the maximum number of solders for your next upcoming wars or battles.

Always Follow Your Prologue

The prologue is one way to get more rewards in this game. Prologue will help you reach your new mission. With this, you can win new rewards. And these rewards help you progress more in this game.

State of Survival Guide

And never missed claim all your rewards when any specific part of the prologue finished. Because when each part of finished, You will get other more rewards in which you will get new hero fragments, talents for your heroes, woods, foods. gems, etc.

Follow All Markers of Maps

As you progress more in this game, you have to take the need for a map. Because the map is helping you to find the location of new zombies and many chests which are inside of other building, cars or any other places.

State of Survival Guide

When you reached any location using the map, collect all rewards from a specific location. And collect in your bag. Also always keep in mind, Never start any battle again zombies before collection loots from all locations.

When all yellow markers clear and disappear from the map, then start your battle again zombies. This yellow marker indicating pending loots at that locations. So go there and collect loot if any there.

Regulars Upgrade Your All Buildings

This is not only a zombie-killing based game. In this game, you have to need to farming also. Those are lots of building in this game. You need to farming for woods and foods. And other building such as Hostipital, Training Camp, Research Centre, etc. When you get a new upgrade of this building, you also get new more power and features of its buildings. So always focus on building upgrade.

Join To New Alliance

After joining an alliance, You will get some amazing features. You will get the war feature. So after joining an alliance, You able to join in war and get rewards from war battles. Also, you could request new resources to your alliance members and get help from them.

Similarly, you could also help your other alliance members who request you give help. When you give hep to them, you also get XP which helps you increase your Experience level in this game.

Upgrade Your Talent’s Profile

It is two types of talents in this game. War talents and Economy talents.

State of Survival Guide

War Talents

War talents help you in increasing your battle or war performance. In war talents, You will get many talents that help you make your heroes stronger and powerful. Such as March speed which helps you increase the speed of troops in battle or wars.

Economy Talents

Economy talents help you grow your economics. Here Ecomince means your woods and foods, construction speed of your building, the production rate of your foods & woods, increasing speed of research on troops, hospital capacity, etc. So lots of economy talents are available. You can upgrade that one by one. These all help you grow your economy in the game.

Upgrade Your Heroes’ Gears, Skills

It is very very necessary for every player to upgrade your heroes. In this game, You will get lots of heroes. But it is not only done after getting heroes in the game. You have to upgrade those from time to time. Also, you need to equip best gears such as bags, footwear, Eyewear, clothing which make your heroes physically stronger. Also, you have to need to give skills to those such as Gun turret, trigger finer, combat vat, etc. These make your heroes stronger in battle or wars.

State Of Survival Game Tips

Collect Foods & Woods Regulars

Whenever you come back in the game, It is your responsibility to collect first woods and foods from a collector – resources. Because it is continuously product woods and foods for you. Never miss collect it before leaves the game.

Be Helpful To Your Alliance Member

After joining any alliance, You will get some little responsibility. It is your responsibility to helps your alliance members. Never forget donating to your alliance member. It makes your powerful impact on other players. Also, it rules that if you will help someone then someone will help you. So according to this, if you help your members, You member also help you in the game.

Don’t Continue Upgrades Your Headquarter

If you starting upgrading your HQ then you will get bored from game Because each headquarters upgrading giving you more building and more resources. So after getting these building and resources, You need to upgrades those at highest levels which is recommended by your according to Headquarter requirement. So Never make this mistake at the beginning stages.

Take Advantages of Peace Flare

When you have peace flare which is working as your shield and no one can attack on your empire since you have it. So you can take advantage of this peace flare. When you have shield, Go to wilderness and attacks to another empire. It will give good loot for your empire.

Complete Daily Mission & Get Rewards

Similar, All other game, This game also giving you a chance to clear daily mission. After the cleaning mission, you will get rewards according to mission type.

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1 year ago


Jay (LaCigolli)
Jay (LaCigolli)
1 year ago

I am looking for information about the Trading Post. According to the “details” you can use the Trading Post however I have not been able to do this. I have asked a game moderator. I have searched the FAQS. I wrote to technical support. I posted the question in the public state chatroom.
I can not find any information in game support. Everyone who answered me in the State chatroom reported having the same problem and no answers.
The question: How can I Trade resources with other chiefs through the Trading Post?

Reply to  Jay (LaCigolli)
8 months ago

Trading is not available until the State reaches a certain milestone in development.

7 months ago

English much

John S
John S
7 months ago

How do we get an alliance farm?

3 months ago

Is there an english translation of this guide?