Spiritwish Review : Is it worth pay to win? | Pros vs Cons

After Released Spiriwish and playing the game around a week. I am going to give a review of the Spiritwish game. In this review, I am covering which things I liked in the game and which were not good for me. Check out the full review of the Spiritwish game.

If you are new in the game then I recommend you to check out our Guide for Spiritwish game. Also, check out list of all classes in the game.

Spiritwish Review

After playing the spiritwish game, my major problem is only that the game is based on pay to win concept. As you progress in the late game, the game offer pays to win. This is a totally wrong thing with professional players who used their skills to level up and ranking. 

Also, once a character dies and you don’t resurrect it immediately, it’s lost forever. 1st Gacha game I’ve come across with permadeath! For a Nexon game, the quality of graphics is great, but the gameplay is less than desirable.

Movement/Controls are awful. If you are looking for good simple control then I think this game will not give good enjoyment. P2W Unlocking characters is done through a gacha but doesn’t even guarantee you’ll get any character at all from doing it.

However, If you are just looking for good graphics and the sound quality game then this game will give little satisfaction. Because game comes with amazing graphics quality and sound quality. I recommend you plug your headphones while gaming. Because it will give you more supreme experience.


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