Spiritwish List of All Classes in the Game

You will get four major classes in the Spiritwish game. Such as Melee Class, Ranged Class, Tank Class, and Support. In this article, you will get all the information about the character of these classes and a brief intro of each character.

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Melee Class


This is a melee character who wields a Heavy Spear and utilizes a variety of sweeping area attacks.

Weapon: Heavy Spear | Armor: Plated


This is a melee character with a heavy sword who can raise attack speed for powerful bursts of damage.

Weapon: Heavy Sword | Armor: Medium Armor


Spearman is a melee character who rushes down enemies with speed and precision can even hurl his light spear through foes.

Weapon: Light Spear, Shield  | Armor: Medium Armor


Dualwielder is a melee class who has a mastered light sword, utilizing their attack speed to bombard enemies with a flurry of combos.

Weapon: Light Sword  | Armor: Medium Armor


Kunoichi is a melee character who uses tachi and relies on ninjutsu for survival when in a pinch,

Weapon: Tachi | Armor: Medium Armor

Ranged DPS


Archer is a ranged character who uses her bow to deliver a flurry’ of powerful ranged attacks.

Weapon: Bow | Armor: Leather 


A ranged character who wields a Crossbow to snipe multiple enemies from a safe distance.

Weapon: CorssBow | Armor: Leather 

Lightning Mage

This is a ranged character who uses Lightning magic to deal significant damage.

Weapon: Staff | Armor: Robe

Fire Mage

Fire Mage is a ranged character whose Fire magic can hit enemies in a staggeringly large area.

Weapon: Staff | Armor: Robe


A versatile mage who uses magic to support allies and weaken enemies.

Weapon: ROD | Armor: Robe



The fighter is a defensive melee fighter with high HP and advanced Shield skills.

Weapon: Light Sword, Shield | Armor: Plated


The minstrel is a  melee character who uses a Heavy Spear arc plays the Kantele to grant a variety of magical effects to allies.

Weapon: Heavy Spear | Armor: Heavy Armor


The Defender is a  character with high HP who protects allies by enhancing their defense and taking damage for them.

Weapon: Light Club, Shield | Armor: Plated



The cleric is a  supportive character who uses superior healing skills to aid and even revive allies.

Weapon: Light Club | Armor: Heavy Armor

Time Mage

The Time Mage a ranged character who uses magic to twist the flow of time, supporting allies by increasing their movement and attack speed.

Weapon: Staff  | Armor: Robb


The paladin is a melee character who uses a Heavy Club and supports allies by healing them or removing debuffs.

Weapon: Heavy Club | Armor: Plated


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