Soul of Eden Guide

Soul of Eden Guide: Best Tip & Tricks for new players!

Welcome to Soul of Eden new player’s guide. In this guide article, you will get the best beginner player guide with amazing new tips and tricks. So check out all tips that help you to win every battle against an opponent.

Soul of Eden Guide

Soul of Eden Guide & Tips

The Soul of Eden is one live PvP Deck build based game. In the whole game, you just need to make your own card of the deck and start the battle against a random online player. Once, battle start, you can’t stop it until the end of battle.

So this is just a simple mechanism of the Soul of Eden game. However, given below tips and tricks of the Soul of Eden may help a lot to confront your enemy in the game.

You could cancel your card by reverse back them

When I started the game and play two-three battle, I was surprised that how to cancel my chosen card. But in this game, you easily could cancel your card by just taking it to reverse and drop in your deck. however, keep in mind that your card which you wanted to cancel that had not touched the battlefield.

At Beginning- Try out Different formation of Deck on each battle

If you just start the Soul of Eden game then I recommend you try different combinations of cards in each battle. In the Soul of Eden game, there is so many number of cards are available in the game. But having good information on each card is the most information. So without trying direct practical in the game, you never learn about card skills.

So this is the reason that I recommend you try different cards in each battle. As you trying different decks of cards, you automatically get sufficient information on each card. So without searching the best decks in the game, I suggest you try out different decks with yourself.

Don’t waste Gold Coin in upgrading Useless cards

Many new players of Soul of Eden facing a lack of gold coins. However, it is only one way to get gold coins that win more and more battles in the game. Also, another way to login rewards and daily mission rewards.

In this game, when you start the game, you will get many cards at starting. As you level up and win more battle, gold coins will add in your account. But I think the best way to start spending gold coins is after getting sufficient knowledge of each card. Because In my case, I was wanted to upgrade my one powerful card but I hadn’t sufficient gold coins. Because I had already spent its in other useless items. So start saving your coins and when the actual time comes, just spend it on your powerful cards.

Learn from your previous battle experience

At the starting of Soul of Eden, you will feel this is game is so easy to win. But as you level up and win more battle, you will start facing truly completion. At that time in the Soul of Eden, you never use your past strategies to beat your opponent.

So I suggest you to when you archived a higher level, try to remind your opponent strategies and moves on to you. I think you will learn many things by doing these things. Because self-practice makes you more powerful instead of any other youtube guide video.

Solve Puzzle mission to get one legendary card

The best way to get a free legendary card in the Soul of Eden game is that go with a puzzle mission. This is one best way to get a free legendary card in the game.

Soul of Eden Guide

So I suggest you to if you want to get a legendary card instant then solve the puzzle mission.

Join any guild to make your career more easier

If you want to make your career powerful then it is recommended you join any good higher level clan or guild in the Soul of Eden game.

soul of eden guild

So this is my guide on the Soul of Eden game. If you have any tips then write it in below comment box. This may will help newbie players.

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