Soul Destiny : Walkthrough, Guides & Tips

Ultimately The Soul Destiny Game has Come.Soul Destiny is a role Playing game.Which has been created by EYOUGAME(USS) company.Soul Destiny Free to Download for Android and IOS Gamer.We are going to provide information about Soul Destiny game in today’s article such as Walkthrough,Guides and tips related to Soul Destiny.

Soul Destiny  game is a multiplayer cross server player to player game.Soul Destiny game gives you high-quality graphics and sound quality.There are many options in Soul Destiny Game.So now we go directly to Walkthrough For Soul Destiny Game.


When you download the game from Play Store or iTunes Store and after Installing game,you need to login to the game.After Login In you will have a new screen.Which tells you to pick your favorite character.The game gives you two characters in the game right now.You can choose your Character as per your choice.After selecting the Character, you will get in the game.

Guide For Soul Destiny Game

When you press Quest Button ,you will going in New Chapter which help to grow your level.


Tips For Soul Destiny Game

We will give basic tips for Soul Destiny which helping you to grow your power in game.

Update Wings

Updating the Wings is also very important.Which is very helpful for you to fly.When you attack your enemy in the game.This wing will help you to fly in the sky And you can attack him from the sky.Yes, your enemy can harm your wing too.But if your wing is a good update level then you will not get too much damage.

Join Alliance

The main advantage of Alliance is that it helps you to grow in your Game while playing a game.There are a lot of members in Alliance. Which will be very helpful for you to play in the teams.With them you will be able to participate in the war and also participate in many other events.Then  this Alliance  will be very helpful.

Daily Login and Get Reward

You can login to Daily  and will get reward.

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