Smite Blitz Tier List – Best Hero List

If you are still looking for Smite Blitz tier? Check out the Tier list for Smite Blitz game.

Smite Blitz game comes with so many heroes in the game. Some of them are powerful in adventure and either are in a duel. Also, Some are the best in-arena game. So here we are going to give a tier list for Smite Blitz game with all these major criteria. 

S Tier List

  1. Chi You
  2. Zeus
  3. Zhao Yun
  4. Zhong Kui
  5. ISIS
  6. Poseidon
  7. Bellona

Chi You

Best Melee Unit, the kit is all-encompassing with damage and debuffs and lifestyle. Very hard to kill Chi You.


He is all-powerful. He is Zeus. Everything is AoE. Everything dies in his presence. Honestly, no explanation needed. So sorry if you have to fight him.

Zhao Yun

Very strong execute with 30,000 damage on his ult. Gets stronger the lower his hp is. Must kill on sight or else you’re probably screwed.

Zhong Kui

Best Guardian, the most durable unit with AoE damage that lifesteals. Virtually unkillable especially when paired with a healer.


Passive healing with a large shield and has a decent amount of damage. Ultimate is strong in both PvE and PvP.


Over all, a real God. AoE damage, Crowd Control, Low-cost ultimate. Easy 6* with in-app purchases.


Very cheap ultimate with 3 costs that buffs everyone’s Atkspd and Damage. Her weapons can cause lifesteal+atkspd or AoE and when she switches weapons it causes her to become a tanker.

A Tier List

  • Loki
  • Nox
  • Odin
  • Anubis
  • Chiron
  • Ameterasu
  • Freyr
  • Gilgamesh
  • Tamamo No Mae
  • Ymir
  • RA


Stealth is very OP and vanishes so that everyone loses focus on him. Probably the most powerful crit unit that we have right now. Must invest if you want to PvP.


Strongest single target mage when she can build up and channel her full ultimate. Definitely S or S+ material when she gets her 5* skill.


Strong melee that can jump to the back and duel one of your backlines. Good defenses and an offensive shield that explodes.


Very strong frontline with a strong and cheap 3 cost ult that also heals herself. Eventually at 5* will become a crit Goddess.


Easily the best summon with over 30+ mummies as bombers when they die. Over floods the map with units and causes people to focus on the mummies or die.


Solid Hunter and is a staple unit in ruin crit teams. Gives lifesteal to everyone’s crits when he is 5*.


Very strong unit and hard to deal with if not killed early. Deals more damage the lower they are.


Assasin that you can pretty much let him do his own thing especially when he hits 5*. 5* he will get his damage kick in and talents lead to him to dodge and hurt more.

Tamamo No Mae

Very good debuffer if you’re running a team of mages as she decreased M.Def with every ability. His overall dmg is good for nuking as well.


Very high crowd control and mages usually don’t target him in Arena. In duels, he is easily interrupted. Very solid PvP unit.


A pure healer with resistance and damage buffs. Very easily obtained.

B Tier List

  • Cupid
  • Jormungandr
  • Ju Ling Shen
  • Mercury
  • Serqet
  • Brass
  • Canbrakan
  • Chaac
  • Fenrir
  • Garuda
  • Kang Hui
  • Kukulkan
  • Thrud
  • Zhu Rong
  • Athena


More support and buffer than a Hunter. Kind of lackluster in a lot of areas. Heart Bomb deals decent damage.


He does not stand out until he is on a poison team. Has no survivability as a warrior, so unless he’s on a poison team it’s meh. Ju Ling Shen Mercury Serqet Brass Canbrakan Chaac Fenrir Garuda Kang Hui Kukulkan Thrud Zhu Rong Athena

Ju Ling Shen

PvP only unit. Pure damage with damage increases in the Talent tree, but too many gimmicks that only activate when damaging other Gods.


Good Crit Assassin that will do well the longer he is in a fight. Goes well in a Ruin crit team.


Pure PvP unit. Only fully viable when 5*, before she is subpar. Basically must have a poison team. The only unit to have decreased healing.


Very strong poison unit with summons and debuffs when enemies are poisoned. When paired with Serqet or Jormungandr, he is a very easy A rank unit.


The solid tank that will be a whole wall to get through especially if there is a strong healer like Isis behind him with constant healing.


One of the few units with Silence, but isn’t as tanky as desired until he is 5* with some levels in his Talents. After that, he will be a very solid PvP unit.


Used for sniping in PvP, gets stronger as the fight goes on and will be very strong if you can keep him alive in PvP.


Summons will get nuked in higher arena ranks, but she would pair well Zhu Rong for the burning damage. Budget summoner.

Kang Hui

A very good support unit boosts mages up. Very squishy though.


Good AoE and Control + Increased damage on minions, so could counter a Summoner meta. Must spam ult for all passive effects.


A crowd control unit that is very useful in PvP and goes well with Ymir since their chills stack off each other.

Zhu Rong

A very strong mage with a lot of continuous and burst damage, very squishy though so Assassin will take him out fast.


Only unit with the Taunt, the budget guardian that can cover almost all content. It doesn’t take much to invest.

C Tier List

  • Hercules
  • He Bo
  • Apollo
  • Ullr
  • Sylvanus
  • Geb
  • Hel
  • Anhur
  • Khepri

Credit: Tier list made by Kelvin. You can find him at discord @Kelvin#8622.

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