SiNoAlice Global Reroll Guide & Tier List

SiNoAlice is just released globally. Check out how to reroll in the SiNoAlice with a full tier list.

SiNoAlice Global Reroll Guide

In the SiNoAlice, the reroll is a very simple process. At the starting of the game, you will redirect one cutscene called puppet. After this scene, you will get a total of 11x pull to get the best weapons. You can;t get any characters or gacha during the reroll.

You just need to get a good tier of weapons from reroll. Because the whole game is based on weapons and upgrading of higher-tier weapons to make your character more stronger and powerful.

Once, you cutscene finished, you get 11x pull. Hit on the pull-down button and press on open all books. However, you can press on each one to show your luck.

Generally,  there are a total of three higher tier books from eleven. So you could expect higher tier weapons from these three. If you get an SR or SSR weapons then you can continue in the game. Otherwise, game giving options again reroll without traditional reroll methods such as delete data and cache from settings.

After getting good tier weapons, you have to need to choose your unique name. Once, you choose, you can continue in the game. So this is just a guide on how to reroll in the SiNoAlice Global.

SiNoAlice Tier List

There are no tier list for this game. But still, you have need to good tier weapons. So always focus on SS tier weapons during the reroll.

In this game, the main thing is focusing on weapons. Because using good weapons, you can make any character stronger. So there are no tier list for characters.

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