Shop Titans: Design & Trade Game Guide,Tips ,cheat To Build Your Shop

If you are like Crafting and Building based game such as Clash Of Clan then probably you will definitely like Shop Titan : Design and Trade game.This game based on crafting and building strategy.The game is also available for IOS Devices.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Game Guide

Basically,Shop Titans game is based on crafting and selling products.So according to game name,You need to design your shop.For designing,You can use many products.

You can also decorate mean design your shops.So here is some basic guide,which helping you to grow your shop in Shop Titans game.

There are some basic terms ,which is very important to understand before you start Shop Titans Trade and Design game.Such as Guild,Leader board,Investment etc.So here we will give all guide for these terminology.

Crafting,Selling Product

Shop Titans game is all about Crafting and selling products.As you crafting product,you will get more benefit by selling those product to your customers.But crafting is an one difficult part of game. Because which items will give you more profit and also loss.

Crafting Product

There are different type of items that you can craft for your customers.Such as weapons, armor, and accessories .Also there are different type of resources which will helping you to crafting these items.Such as Primary Resources and Secondly Resources.This all resources are produce in city or you can get from quests box also.Using these resources you can produces products.So never waste this resources in unnecessary product which is priceless or not buy from customers.

To Crafting your product,you need to just press Craft button and you will get all list of product which you can craft for your shop.Here at below product,you will get resources information which will use for that product.So you will get idea about consuming resources respectfully.At begin,you can only one product craft at same time.But as you unlock more workers,You will able to up to three product crafting at same time.So workers will increasing overall crafting speed.

Selling Products

By selling products,you will get money.This money will helping to buy more Resources. Also you can invest this money in other city.When customer come in shop,First he/she walking and after few second He/She will take decision which item he want to buy from your shop.After taking decision,he will come at side.And suggest you to give specific product with her/his price.If you are in under profit then you can sell specific product to her/him.Otherwise you can also press ignore button,Which mean you don’t want to sell item at that price.So selling product is one simple method and it is totally depend on you and your decision.

What is Guild ?

The Guild enables everyone to invest on buildings and a lot features such as help center,chat etc.It has also one help button to help someone to upgrading.


How To Join Guild?

It is very easy to join guild in Shop Titan : Design and Trade.You can see Finder button on above image.Such press on Finder Button and search.You will find different guild from Global.You can type Name of guild,and according to name,Game will show you all guild list.Here is not matter about Upper case and lower case.

You are also able to create your own guild in game.To do this,you need to press on Finder > Create City.So t is very easy process.

You can also leave guild and join other guild by doing same process again.

Resources Guide

There are mainly two types of resources available in Shop Titans : Design & Trade game,First is Primary second is secondly resources.

Now,Primary resources is one basic resources which you can use for all tiers.

List Of Primary Resource

  • Iron : An Iron is one resources which used for crafting ironing weapons,Armor and accessories.
  • Wood : Wood is also used to Crafting armor and as well accessories.
  • Leather : Used for crafting armor and accessories.
  • Herbs : Used for crafting accessories.

List Of Secondly Resources

In secondly Resources,You have Steel,Fabric,Ironwood and Oil.

But,you need to high play more game to get this secondly resources.As playing more game and get more experience in game,you will get later secondly resources in game.Also you can use this resource for crafting high level tiers.Which are expensive in game.

Tips for Shop Titans : Design & Trade

Do not waste energy

Energy is one  important thing of Shop Titans game.Because using only energy,you can developing and producing items for your shop.So it is important  to save your energy for producing beneficial product.

So you will start consuming your energy in useless item such as decorates product like Flower and etc,then it is totally useless thing for you.Yes,You can do this thing later when you get high level and high income from your shop.But at begging,you just need to save your energy for other products.Also check Advance guide and tips for Energy here.

Complete Daily Mission

You known well that every game giving mission for everyday to gamer.Using this mission,You can get rewards everyday by completing mission.So as similar,Shop titan game giving you different task everyday.You can go with tasks and done is at end of time.So according to mission,You will get some rewards from mission done.

Unlock New Workers

At begin,You have only one worker for crafting new products.But as you playing more Shop titans game,You will able to unlock more worker which are helping you to crafting more product for your shop.So this mean you will get more income from selling more product.So basically,workers are useful to crafting more product in your shop.

Resources Tips

Resources is one important material  for crafting new products.So it is important to save your resources for crafting more product.So not waste resources in unnecessary thing which are useless or priceless for your customer.

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