Shop Titans : Design & Trade Best Use of Energy | Tips & Guide

Energy is one important thing when you playing Shop Titans Design And Trade game.Because Energy is also affect on your selling products,Benefit and earning more money from Customers.

So In this guide,We will giving all important guide and tips for How to use Energy in Shop Titans : Design & Trade game.If you don’t known How to play Shop titans game,then you can get more guide and basic tips  of Shop titans game also.


Energy Use Tips & Guide

You well known that Energy is one of important part of Shop titans game.Using Energy,you can do many things faster.As also,You can also saving your energy by doing something in game.So it both are important How to use Energy and How to saving energy in Game.

Energy in shop titans

Energy in shop titans

There are some very important features and tips which most of new players are don’t known about Energy.

Way of Use Energy In Shop Titans

There are total 6  ways to you can use and saving your energy in shop titans game.

Shop Titans Design Trade Best Use of Energy

While Surcharge

Surcharge is process of paying money of other. Whenever you are in shop and you will paying other customer’s money then some energy will decreasing from your energy. This is called surcharge in shop titans game.

Whenever you surcharge,110 total energy will subtract from your total energy.

While Discount

Whenever you will giving discount to your customer,then your energy will increasing.So this is one way to increasing your energy level in shop titans game.

While Speed Up Products Crafting

As you well known,whenever you are crafting new products,you can instantly crafting any products by using gems or diamonds.But you can also increasing crafting speed of products by using Speed Up.In speed up of any crafting,You need to some energy.So while speed up crafting,some of your energy will consuming in shop titans game.It is depend on crafting product that how much energy will consume.

While Suggest

In shop titans game,whenever you are at front of your customer,you can suggest him/her to other products.If those are interesting to buy other products then they will buy from you.So you will get more profit from they.

But while doing all this process,some of your energy are consume.But the benefit is that you will earn more money from your customer.

While Small talk

Small talk helping you saving your energy in game.Small talk estimate 10% saving your energy in game.So you want to save energy for other thing then it is good habit to do small talk with your customer.So you can easily save more energy in game.It will helping to you to giving more suggests or speed up crafting.

While Giving Discount

Discount is other way to earn energy in game.Whenever you are giving to discount to your customer then you will get some more energy which will add in your total energy. So giving discount is one good way to getting energy.


Tips for Energy in Shop Titans

Discount Tips

So you known ,giving discount you can earn more energy.But if you start giving discount more expensive items then it will loss for you.

So give discount only those items which are not buy from customer and you can easily craft those.

Small talk while discount

It is one another good thing to use small talk thing while giving discounts.Because you are do small talk,then energy deduction from backfire will be higher.So this is one very helpful tip for all players.

Suggest Item to your customer

Whenever you suggest new item for buy to your customer,it will take some energy. Because you will start to talk while suggestion. And whenever you talking,it take some energy. But after suggestion and if customer get new item then you will get more profit and earn more money.

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