SHINING BEYOND Tier: List of Best SSR Heroes

Looking for a tier list for new action RPG SHINING BEYOND. Check out a list of all SSR Units heroes with a brief explanation about each one.

There are a lot of heroes in the Shining Beyond game. Having a good SSR Heroes in your team make your team more powerful. You can easily defeat any boss in the game. So SSR Units are more useful. However, get these heroes is more hardest thing. So check out the reroll guide on how to get SSR heroes using the reroll process in the Shining Beyond game.

Best SSR Heroes in the SHINING BEYOND – SSR Tier

Athena – SSR Hero

Athena is one SSR Tier hero with the power of 22421. She can attack up to 3 units at the same time. She Strong, low-cost self-heal allows Athena to stand on her own without the help of a healer. She under a warrior class.

Mei Fang – SSR Hero

Mei Fang is one SSR Tier hero with very high power. High utility and CC makes Mei Fang great for PvP and situational use. She is under the Rogue class.

Artemis – SSR Hero

Artemis is an archer in this game. She has Strong AoE skills and can negate negative status effects.

Theia – SSR Hero

Theia is one SSR hero. She is under Acolyte class. Heal shield similar to Athena’s shield makes Theia strong in the late game. Also comes with high damage and debuff skill if you don’t need healing, allowing Theia to fill multiple roles.


Emiko is one Archer class SSR Hero. He is one great supporter in the game. Also, She has very powerful debuff skills as well.


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