Shadow seven reroll

Shadow seven How to Reroll? : Guide

Shadow Seven is a brand new Strategy game offered by Neptune Company. In this article, you will get how to reroll in the Shadow seven and get your best beginner gacha in the game.

However, keep in mind that you can not use this technique in the iPhone device. Because you must have the need to uninstall game and download it against to get your best gacha at starting of the game.

Shadow seven Reroll Guide on Android

Below, guide on How to fast reroll in android.

  • Download and install Shadow Seven Game
  • Complete Starting Tutorials
  • Press on Gacha Button & open royal box
  • Get your free beginner gacha
  • In case, not get your best one
  • Go to the setting>App> Shadow seven> Data Delete & restart the game

Once you have download and installed your game, you have the need to complete beginner tutorial of the game. After playing stuff, go to click on the gacha button and open yours. This is a free box that will give you beginner gacha in the game.

Shadow seven reroll

After opening it, you will get your free gacha. If you are not satisfied with this gacha, you can go to setting and clear data of shadow seven games. And restart again. In case, you are satisfied with this one, Connect your account with google play game or any other social media. So that you can save your next game.

Shadow seven reroll


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