Step by Step Guide: How to Setting up a Gaming Room!

Nothing is more satisfactory for avid gamers than to upgrade their performance with every game. For an immersive gaming session, one needs to augment the entire environment to optimize performance in addition to the latest machinery and tech gadgets.

All those who want to take this pleasure-oriented hobby to a next level, you need to set up a dedicated gaming room. The idea is to create a surreal environment that stimulates gaming as a real-time experience perfecting the world, for you, one step at a time. This room should be the ultimate house of skill and comfort to escalate your gaming potential.

Setting up your gaming room sounds fun until you find yourself in an ocean of tech gadgets, therefore, we present you with some useful tips on how to set up a gaming room in this article.

Size of the room

There isn’t any defined set of rules to figure out the dimensions of the gaming room. Nonetheless, you should keep some things in mind. It should neither be too small nor too big and you should make sure that all your furniture and gaming paraphernalia can fit in the room with some spare space for future purchases.

Most importantly, the room should have some extra space too for your siblings and friends who might want to join in.

Good Speakers are a must!

Doesn’t the soundtrack of Dota 2 take you into the mindset of a true war hero? There is a reason Jason Hayes has spent so much time and effort into creating such masterpieces. Furthermore, the sound effects are much more important than any game’s music.

You cannot experience gaming to the extent it is meant to be experienced, without a set of good speakers creating the surround sound. This surround sound binds the whole room together and submerges you into the actual center of the game. Therefore, no matter how you want to play your games using a PC or a console, you need the best speakers you can afford!


After equipping your room with A-class speakers, it is of utmost importance that you find the perfect pitch that does not irritate your family members or roommates but can drive you to the epicenter of the gaming world.

The best gift you can give yourself in this situation is to soundproof your gaming arena.

Soundproofing further helps to improve and maintain the overall sound quality inside the room. If you have the big bucks, you can hire a professional to do this task for you. Otherwise, you can do it yourself. Some easy and efficient methods are using fiberglass insulation, or insulating foam, you can also add framing to your walls and ceilings or install drywall. Thick curtains and carpets can also play part in absorbing the noise.

Gaming desk

One of the first things that come to mind when setting up a gaming room is the desk. When getting a gaming desk, you should ensure that your desk is big enough allowing you to make rapid moves with your mouse and that it fits the room perfectly.

Although it depends on the budget if you can get a visually appealing desk, it would be the best as it helps setting up and boosting the mood, especially when playing a multiplayer game.

Gaming chair

Avid gamers know that gaming sessions never end in two hours. Without many realizations, you might just end up sitting in your chair, playing games for the entire day. Therefore, your sitting posture must be comfortable and healthy. A good gaming chair is built on these two notions.

A professional gaming chair boasts an ergonomic backrest guaranteeing ultimate relaxation and supreme quality padding on the head and arm support. It also reduces any chances of neck strain, backache, and arm pain.

The display is all that matters!

If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and have always played games on your PC, it is fine that you continue doing so. Although, when it comes to viewing angles and viewing distance, PCs are kind of losers. Due to the smaller size of the screen, you might get your comfort and overall health in trouble.
TVs on contrary, especially the ones that are tailor-made for gaming, are larger and provide a better and rich gaming experience altogether. You can also get a projector if you play multiplayer games habitually. You can also change the projection and distance, as and when required.

Granting the above points are all valid, make sure that whatever screen you decide to go ahead with, has enough connectivity options for pairing with consoles, speakers, etc.

Great internet connection

All of the gadgets become useless if your internet connection is not stable. One lag in the connection can ensure that you get to the bottom of the scoreboard and that is the last thing a gamer wants. Has it ever happened that you played a move but it didn’t get counter and you end up thinking whether you played it actually or were just thinking of it in your mind? Well, the good news is that your senses are intact and you did play that move and even better news is that your internet connection is not reliable so get it changed right now.

You need to sign up with a pro-gaming internet service provider like Spectrum or AT&T. For instance, Spectrum provides unparalleled download speeds and continuous stability with no data caps and offers a free mode as well. Help yourself and check out Spectrum bundle deals to explore the best suiting deals for yourself.

Lighting sets the tone right

For a fully immersive experience, good internal lighting is a shortcut. Think of your video game area as a home theatre – you don’t want it excessively bright but boringly dull. It should have a moderate amount of pizazz that translates your tone as a gamer in the right manner.

You can play with the colors as much as you want. For instance, you can go for neon lighting or the neon-lit signs. You can also combat the dark instilled by your blackout curtains through LED strip lighting along with the desk or your ceiling.

Spice it up with a theme

Another way to go about a gaming room is to paint a theme for it. If you are a crazy warmonger when it comes to gaming, then do yourself a favor and get some life-size posters of Battlefield or Call of Duty.

You can also personalize your whole setup with wall painting or graphic prints that resonates with your soul.

Parting Thoughts

Your gaming room is your personal space and you can play with it as much as you want – take this opportunity and be as creative as possible but you should keep your budget and comfort in mind when finalizing the details.

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