Second Galaxy: Best Guide & Tips for Beginners

The second Galaxy is a brand new Online Multiplayers game for mobile. In this article, you will get guidance and tips for the second galaxy and know all about the Second Galaxy game.

The Second Galaxy is one Online Multiplayer Mobile Role-Playing ( MMORPG ) game. In this game. The game gives so many features such as Beautifully Rendered Cosmic Warfare, Explore an Astronomical Universe of Unique Galaxies, Master Star Gates and Make the Universe Your Oyster, Build Your Empire via Real-Time Dynamic Trading, etc.

Check out Best Second galaxy guide tips. Second galaxy beginner guide, level up guide, pilot, ship list and many more. All About the Second galaxy.

 Second Galaxy: Best Guide & Tips for Beginner

First Create Your Favourite Character

The game is proving feature of the creation of a different type of character according to your choice. In the second galaxy, at the starting of the game, you have different options to choose your character.

You can also choose the appearance of each character. There are four types of character classes.

Character class in the Second Galaxy Game


Soldiers are those who fight for their nations what they believe are dearest to them, although they might become the sword of those in power..the galaxy as we know it, is built upon their faith and blood.


The scientist is dedicated to the quest for knowledge, complementing and extending theoretical speculations and observations. Their research and experiments provide the cornerstone of our exploration of the galaxy.


Engineer, experienced professionals and backbone I or galaxy exploration. Specialized In design, planning, analyze and operation, making concepts into reality.


Explorer is passionate and courageous, travel to the deepest reach at the galaxy, pushing the boundary of the known human world.

I recommend you to choose the soldier class. Because the solder’s skill is more comprehensive which allows you to clear mission easier in the game.

know Your Button’s Works & Uses

There are lots of buttons in the game. Each button has its own working skills. To manage and driving your ship, you have to know about the ship’s button.

know Your Button’s Works & Uses

When you double tell wherein space the ship’s gonna drive to the point directly and in the process, you can also activate a thruster accelerate and the ships gonna go much faster. You can tap the pause button to stop them. But if you’re in the auto-combat mode,  click the pause button and also turn the auto-combat mode off. Keep in mind that your weapons gonna stop fire.

Use  Strategic View when requiring

As you can see the strategic view button in the above image. This is a very useful feature in the game. when you tap on it, you will get the situation of your around enlivenment. When you tap on it twice, you will get a 100 KM bigger map of the environment. So this view very useful to get to understand the battlefield around you.

Understand Extra Menu in the Game

You will get three different menus on the left side. Which are very very useful in the game.

List of Extra Menu

  • Attackable
  • Friendly
  • Scenes
  • Sort & Filter Menu – Setting

These four menus are very important in the game.  I recommend you guys change your sort by distance to by name. Because when you are in PVE Mode, Normally you have to need to destroy multi enemy ships. And if it’s sorted by distance to the ranges between you and all the other ships, keep changing. Their order in the manual will also keep changing. it makes you can lock the target you want –  which is very annoying.

Level Up Your Pilot Licence

A pilot license is one of the important things in this game. It is also important to level up your pilot license. To level up your license, You have to need to give some tests or exams in the game. There are hundreds of different tests for different nations, ship types, and Tech levels.

second galaxy game tips
Level Up Your Pilot Licence

To unlock the ship, the player needs to get an LV1 pilot license corresponding to the ship’s nation, ship type, and tech level. Extending this license can increase the onboard bonus and unlock the additional device and component slots.

All pilot license tests are designed so that they are more challenging than other activities. Before starting the test, players should use the tips provided by instructor Keith in the test information panel.

Start Research On Your Ship

To improve your ship ability & power, you have to need to research it. You can do various research such as Attachment Research, Logistics Research, etc.

Currently, you will get different 24 research routes in the game. But generally, individuals need to level their own nations’ ship exploration routes.

There are different six routes for each nation.

  1. Battlecruisers
  2. Battleships 
  3. Capital ships
  4. Cruisers
  5. Destroyers
  6. Frigates

Also, All types are divided into three different tiers from T1 to T3.

What is Attachment Research?

In the attachment research, You can research your attachment such as weapons, engineering, and electronics. You can upgrade your weapons and make them stronger and powerful. In Engineering research, you need to research the system of the ship such as energy,  shield, and propulsion. In  Electronic research, you need to research in electronic devices for reinforcement and suppression.

What is Logistics Research?

The Logistics Research is cover two kinds of main area. The first is production and the second is a recruit.

In the Production research, routes unlock you can research ships and attachments, increase production rate and reduce production cost.

In Recruit research routes provide no unlocks, but instead enhance wingman combat capabilities and dispatch quest efficiency.

Last Updated on 15 September 2019

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