Sandship: crafting factory Guide

Sandship: crafting factory Guide: Best Tips, Cheats, Strategies

Sandship: crafting a factory is a brand new Puzzle game. In this article, you will get sandship: crafting a factory guide and a few amazing tips and cheats that solve your problems in this game.

Sandship: crafting factory Guide & Tips

When you start the game, you will get a tutorial of the game. Before you actually go on our guide and tips, I must recommend you to never skip the tutorial of this game. Because When I first time play this game, I had made this mistake and  I needed to reinstall the game because of insufficient knowledge of components. So I recommend you to during the tutorial, try to understand the work of each component and understand what is actually game about.

So this is just my strongly recommend to all fresher players of Sandship: crafting factory game.

Below guide and tips for Sandship: crafting factory. Check out all tips.

Understand of each Devices work & features

As I already said above, if you want to make your progress more faster, Then it is very very important to understand each component. Below brief guide on some components.

By going to the device and tap on the device. This will guide you on how to work on any specific device. Below list of a few devices that I have unlocked.

  • Synthesizer: Create any raw resource suing substance
  • Cutter: Cut solid into rods
  • Belt: Transport solid items between devices
  • Exporter: Punts items into warehouses
  • Heaters: Heat up metals
  • Press: Presses material into sheets
  • Extruder: Stretches rods into coils and wires
  • Shaper: Shapes molten materials into any form
  • Grabber: Takes an item from a device to put int other devices
  • Mixer: Mixes together melted metals or liquids.

Also, you will get a mini video on your screen. This will teach you how to actually devise work. Also, the unit price will show how much the device needs to produce items.

Complete all quests as possible as

The best way to level up faster in this game. In the quest option, there are many options. Option such as contract, objectives, and many more. Keep in mind that Harvey is one amazing supporter in this game. He always gives a hint. So you can use a hint of Harvey in case you get trouble in this game.

sandship guide tips
Complete all quests as possible as

By doing a quest, you will get gold and gems as well. Different missions give different amounts of gold and gems. So you can use these gold and gems in futures uses.

Use all factory spaces to produces different products

Most new players have not known about these things. You can produce many products at the same time. To do this, you just have a need enough space on your factory inside.

sandship guide tips
Use all factory spaces to produces different products

For my example, I have the need to 500 iron rods and 500 irons plates to complete my objectives. So I have started my two plans at the same time. These two plans making both items at a time. So this will save time. So I suggest you to make your own strategies to solve the puzzle easily. Always try to implement different ideas. If not work, move on to others.

Always doing any research in the lab

Research is a way to get a new device. However, you have a need for a specific amount of items to do research. You will get all details from the research banner. In a case, you have a lack of items, you can start the production of needed items. Once, sufficient items are made, you can use those in your research as well.

Keep in mind that at the start of the game.research not need more time. But as you level up, research will need to more time. So during this time, make sure you are producing other items. These items will helps you to do other research as well.

Finish all contracts faster

Taking contracts and complete its is another way to get more coins and diamond in this game. However, you will find a few objectives in the quests option. This will give you a task to do contracts. Task such as do 2 contracts or 3 contracts. So doing contracts is an amazing way level up and as well for coins and diamond or gems, XP.

Finish all contracts faster
Finish all contracts faster

You have need to sell items to do complete your contract. Similarly, research, in case you have not a sufficient amount of items, you can start procuring items in your factory. So I recommend you to do your all contracts as well.

You can switch Resource production in the Synthesizer

After reaching level 3, you have need to coal to do research. to making coal, you have need to the synthesizer. You can make different resources using the same synthesizer. As you can see below the image, I have set up two plants. The blueprint of both plants is the same but plants producing different resources.

sandship guide tips
You can switch Resource production in the Synthesizer

By taping on a synthesizer, you will get two different opinions. That indicate which one you want to produce. You can go with anyone.

Upgrade your Sandship to occupy more spaces

Sandship space is very important. If you have more spaces, your overall production will increase. But you have need to a specific level to level up your sandship. Once, you will get any specific level, you can upgrade your sandship. I recommend you to if you have two options either upgrade sandship or do contracts. I recommend you to always invest your coins in the upgrading the sandship. This will give more benefits in the future.

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