Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tips & Trick to win more battle

Get the best Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers guide and tips to win more battle in the game. Guide on rerolling with ultimate tips and tricks.

In the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers, The battle is a one-on-one turn-based command battle. Choose three of the six Saints you’ve formed earlier and hope for the battle. You can enjoy strategic battles such as compatibility with your opponent and which of the three techniques to use. “Seven Senses Arts”, a special technique that can be advanced by storing microcosms, is powerful and super powerful.

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Also, From the various characters, select six characters and organize them into a team. Predict your opponent’s strategy and choose the right members for the battle. Other than the selected members, they support the battle with ” team effect “.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tips & Trick to win more battle

Try to rolling and get your best saints

In this work, you can always get one Golden Saint in Gasha during the tutorial.

It is an environment where you can get various warriors in the game, and the benefits of researching are that you can use your favorite warriors immediately, or you can advance a bit ahead of your favorite warrior rank.

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Warriors who are hard to get at the moment will be more easily available at upcoming events and newly implemented episodes.

Try to find your first three fighters after rolling

The first thing you do after you start playing and draw a gacha is to determine the three battle members you want to nurture. The one who brought up three people in advance by squeezing the warrior to be trained can also be used when wanting to raise another warrior.

It is desirable to select red, green, and blue attributes one by one, and if you have a black warrior, you can change one to black. The point is that the episodes are easier to progress and that you can play well in the interpersonal match. For the other three who do not participate in the battle, put in a fighter with a team effect that is effective for battle members.

Complete all beginner Missions to progress faster

The first thing I want to do is clear all the beginner missions. After the beginner missions, normal missions will be released and you will be able to earn various mission rewards.

Let’s play mainly on beginner missions while proceeding with episodes of microcosm wars and raising warrior Levels.

Tips: Advance the episode (Normal) of Kosoku Senki, Increase the fighter level of three battle members using the various drinks obtained.

When the normal mission is released, the user Lv will be able to be raised rapidly. Daily Missions are updated daily so keep them clear.Complete all the beginner missions.

Awakening your warrior and level up

The top priority in training a warrior is to raise the fighter Lv. For that purpose, I want to raise the rank by raising the constellation and raise the upper limit of the warrior Lv to level 100.

Upgrading is fairly easy, just release a total of 10 constellation awakening panels and then release the upgrading panel.

If you advance the episode to some extent and play the corresponding training school once or twice, you will have enough items, so let’s go first. Being able to raise a fighter to level 100 will give you access to the episode Very Hard.

Participate in the Event battle

In event battles and rate battles held for a limited time, you can get legendary armor and assist phrases that you can not usually get. Each event has different rewards, so be sure to get involved during the event. If you are unfamiliar with PVP battles, you can leave the battle to auto. You can get some rewards if you do the number of times.

Collect all your training items

Items that are necessary for training a warrior and items that create and enhance sacristy are basically a way to efficiently collect training points every day.

Items that are necessary for training a warrior and items that create and enhance sacristy are basically a way to efficiently collect training points every day.Once any warrior reaches rank 15, the remaining surviving warrior shards can be converted to warrior medals and exchanged for any warrior shards at the exchange.

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