Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers review

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Fully Review: My personal new favorite game!

What is the overall game?

“Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers” is a command battle saint RPG app for smartphones that allows you to see familiar characters as they are in the original world. This game is recommended not only for those who like Saint Seiya but also for those who do not know the original because the game system is also fun!

Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, which produces ” Gundam Breaker Mobile ” and ” Super Robot Wars DD, In addition, Bannam is planning to distribute “TALES OF CRESTORIA” and “Sword Art Online Alicization Braiding”, and is a company that emits many games based on manga and anime.

Choose your own story!

In “Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers”, multiple stories are prepared, and you can play your favorite story (edition). This is a system where event quests are held, such as the main story of the Kosoku Senki mode, “The Golden Zodiac”, “North Europe Asgard”, and “Kaisei Poseidon? Choose your favorite story and enjoy the conversation of the characters!

Battle Charge Skill + Command Battle

“Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers”, which uses command battles, is a must-see because the character graphics and movements are more prominent The battle system uses the “ABC” charge skill set for each character to attack enemies. Decide which charge skill to use for each other, and attack in the order of speed set in the skill. The character of Saint Seiya confronts at level, so let’s enjoy the realism as much as you want

Battle review!

Let’s talk more about the battle.

As mentioned earlier, attacks are performed in the order of increasing skill speed However, if the speed of the selected charge skills is the same, the “Thousand Days War” will be activated.

When the Millennium War is activated, tap (strike) the gauge displayed below aiming at the MAX state as much as possible The action element is one of the charms of this work, saying that the higher the point with tap-tapping (the Millennium War), the earlier you can attack.

Train your favorite Saint Seiya SSS

“Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers” is unusual for an RPG and also features no character reality system In gacha, all characters are emitted with the same rarity, In other words, there is not much difference in performance between characters, so basically enjoy the battle with your favorite character.

There is no rarity, but as with Dragon Ball Legends, keep in mind that collecting pieces will increase your rank. (Up to 15) By the way, if you increase the rank, you can get more parameters and special bonuses. The special bonus acquisition rank is 3 6 12 15.

Saint Seiya SSS “Seven Senses Arts” launched!

As mentioned above, the battle system of “Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers” uses “Command Battle”.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers review
Saint Seiya SSS “Seven Senses Arts” launched!

In command battles, you will use a charge skill to fight, but that charge skill will be changed randomly every turn in one of the microcosms of ABC.

The charge skill can be activated even in the state of “Charge 1”, but remember that if you accumulate it up to MAXI the Special Movement “Seven Senses Arts” will be activated. In addition, the power of attack rises in charge MAX state, and you can also see the skill animation of the skill’


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